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Zion Williamson | Girlfriend Tiana White | Relationship

Zion Williamson

Being a professional athlete is extremely hard, and the devotion it requires will frequently cause your relationship to terminate with your partner. Zion Williamson had the same thing.

The NBA star was seeing his high school sweetheart when he made the choice to dedicate himself fully to basketball. The crucial query at hand is: Is he currently dating anyone? Who is the girlfriend of Zion Williamson?

Learn everything there is to know about his personal life, including his relationships from the past and the present.

Who Is the 2021 Girlfriend of Zion Williamson?

Zion is not in a relationship at this time and is single. He has only been connected to one person after splitting up with his girlfriend Tiana (more on that later).

For now, the Pelican actor is content being single. Furthermore, it’s reasonable to assume that he isn’t concealing a partner because NBA players are frequently recognized for leading open dating lives.

Although his personal life may not be too busy, his career is expanding every day. He now plays for the New Orleans Pelicans as a power forward. Recently, Zion and Nike AirJordan collaborated to design a brand-new sneaker.

Zion Williamson’s high school sweetheart, ex-girlfriend Tiana White

It is said that Tiana White was the female that the NBA prodigy dated. It appears that the couple attended Spartanburg Day High School together. The two are said to have gone on a prom date together.

Similar like his ex-girlfriend Zion, Tiana was an athlete in high school, competing in a variety of field sports. She cheered people on as well. Their mutual interest in comparable things makes it easy to see why the two dated.

When they both subtly acknowledged their romance on Instagram Live, the two officially announced their union. In the video, Zion smiles and asks, “Do I?” in response to White’s query about whether or not he has a girlfriend.

Even on social media, the two used to follow one another, but as of right now, they have stopped doing so. Zion moved to a new place after being picked by the New Orleans Pelicans shortly after graduating from high school.

Zion and Tiana’s long-distance relationship ended.

It might be difficult to keep up a long-distance relationship when you’re constantly on edge, much as with all the famous sportsmen. The relationship between Zion and Tianna also experienced distance, leading to the final breakup.

Furthermore, White and Williamson are obviously not dating because all of their social media images have been removed. The boyfriend and girlfriend are no longer together, as far as we know, but Tiana’s Instagram username is secret, so who knows what goes on there.

In 2019, Zion and Peyton List were connected.

Being a well-known celebrity like Zion means that many rumors will inevitably surface about your relationships with other celebrities. Similarly, there were speculations in the beginning of 2019 that Zion had a romantic relationship with actress Peyton List.

Zion Williamson List Peyton.

There was talk that Zion and Peyton were dating. Source: Instagram page of Zion Williamson

When Zion posted a cute photo of himself and Peyton on Instagram, rumors began to circulate. “It was dope meeting a Disney ⭐️, thanks for supporting the Blue Devils,” he added on the photo.

In addition, Peyton was unmarried at the time following her split from Cameron Monaghan in January 2019.

The split acted as a trigger since it confirmed the rumors. It may just be rumors after all, as neither of them have truly addressed the issue.

Zion Williamson is accused of sending a UNC cheerleader a drunken Snapchat message.

Zion sparked controversy in 2019 when he was allegedly seen sliding into a girl’s direct message, at the same time he was linked to Peyton.

According to the account, Zion sent a girl a thirsty Snapchat while he was waiting in his hotel room. Later thereafter, the woman was identified as a cheerleader for UNC.

The 6′ 9-inch basketball player posted a selfie of himself with the caption, “I have a big room, come sleep with me,” in the image that the girl eventually disclosed.

Since then, though, things have subsided, and Zion has undoubtedly been cautious when it comes to dating.

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