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Zane Achor


Zane Achor- Biography

Zane Achor is a kid actor who has appeared in the television shows “The Bold and the Beautiful” and “The Serenity.” In addition, he is well-known for being the only child of actress Heather Tom and film composer James Achor. Heather is a multiple Emmy Award-winning actress who has appeared in a variety of soap operas, including The Young and the Restless, One Life to Live, and The Bold and the Beautiful, to mention a few.

What is the Net Worth of Zane Achor? Salary, Earnings

Zane is now a youngster, so information about his net worth is unavailable. His mother is in charge of his earnings as a child actress, which could range between $12,000 and $15,000. He claims to live a luxury lifestyle thanks to his mother’s $4 million net worth.

She also earns between $30,000 and $42,000 as an actor. She began with a salary of $15,000, but after winning many Emmy Awards, her pay skyrocketed. His mother starred in the immensely successful television series The Bold and the Beautiful alongside Katherine Kelly Lang and Darin Brooks, and she became a household name throughout the United States. Zane currently resides in Glendale, California, with his family.

Zane Achor- Birth, Age, Ethnicity, Siblings, Education

Achor, a celebrity child, was born in 2012 as Zane Alexander Achor. Heather Tom, the mother, and James Achor, the father, are both celebrities. He is the sole kid of his parents and is currently 12 years old. Zane, like his uncle David Tom and aunt Nicholle Tom, is already an actor. David co-starred as Heather’s brother in One Life to Live.

Similarly, Nicholle is well-known for her performance in the 2000 film The Nanny. In addition, Zane’s mother and uncle David made history by being the first brother and sister to be nominated for Daytime Emmy Awards in the same year.

There is no information about his educational background.

Zane Achor- Relationship, Parents Married Life

As an only child, Zane Achor is seven years old and enjoys his parents’ devotion. His parents, Heather and James, had a long-term boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. They had been together for almost 15 years before getting engaged in August 2011. Later that year, on September 17, 2011, they married in a modest ceremony.

After a year, they were fortunate with the birth of their only child, Protagonist Zane, who weighed 8 pounds. As of now, the Achor family is happy, and Zane has appeared on The Bold and the Beautiful as on-screen son Will Spencer on occasion since 2013.

Zane Achor- Professional Career

Furthermore, Zane made his television debut alongside his mother in the sitcom The Bold and the Beautiful when he was five years old. Furthermore, he had already made headlines after his mother spread the word about how she nearly drowned him on a beach. When his parents took him to a beach, they almost lost Zane, as she stated on Twitter. Fortunately, he was discovered after a few minutes when a school teacher observed a little child wandering around a beach and reported him to the police station nearby.

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