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Zahid Hamidi | Eye Surgery | Before And After

Zahid Hamidi

Since December 2022, famous Malaysian politician Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has served as Malaysia’s deputy prime minister.

Hamidi additionally holds the office of Minister of Rural and Regional Development, which he assumed on December 3, 2022. He has also played a variety of roles in the past.

After finishing his schooling, Hamidi worked in the financial industry before entering politics. In addition, during his political career, Hamidi has been the target of several inquiries and accusations of corruption.

Details about Zahid Hamidi’s eye surgery

People are talking about Zahid Hamidi’s eye surgery on social media because they’ve observed how different his eyes seem now compared to how they used to.

Many people have contrasted photographs of Hamidi’s eyes from the past and the present and have remarked that he had eye surgery. Hamidi hasn’t spoken about this subject, though.

Therefore, it cannot be determined if Hamidi has had eye surgery. Someone recently shared a photo of Hamidi on Twitter along with the message, “Please tell me he’s recovering from an eyelid surgery.”

Other Twitter users responded to the tweet by speculating that Zahid may have undergone eye surgery as a result. One of them said, “He’s cloned.”

Despite all the speculation over Hamidi’s eye surgery, he has not made any comments on the subject. Therefore, it is still unknown if the politician had eye surgery.

Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures by Zahid Hamidi

As was already noted, Zahid Hamidi’s eyes have drawn a lot of attention from the public, and many people think he has had eye surgery.

Zahid Hamidi hasn’t responded to the reports regarding his plastic surgery, though. Additionally, several before and after images of Hamidi’s eyes gain a lot of attention on social media.

It is clear from looking at those photos that his eyes appear smaller than they did in the past. Not only that, but they appear to have enlarged as well.

His peculiar eye look has led to several conjectures from online users. A social media user responded, “Bro, it’s okay, just wear your shades again. I promise I won’t make fun of it anymore.” In addition, others have even made jokes about it.

Zahid Hamidi, Does He Have A Disease?

Zahid Hamidi doesn’t currently have any health problems. But in the past, on August 18, 2021, he apparently fell at home and was taken to the hospital.

Zahid Hamidi was facing a corruption charge at the time, and his case was ongoing.

Many condemned him after he was admitted to the hospital, and the majority of them said that Hamidi made it up to avoid being called to testify in his corruption case.

A doctor eventually admitted that Hamidi wasn’t lying about being ill after facing intense criticism.

All the examinations, including the MRI and CT scans, were carried out, according to Dr. Mohd Shahir Anuar. Thus, it was shown that Zahid was indeed suffering.

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