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WWE | Sonya Deville Jail | Arrested On Gun Charg

Sonya Deville

WWE wrestler Sonya Deville was detained in New Jersey in February of this year for illegally having a handgun. The incident took place in Atlantic City at the Borgata Hotel, Casino, and Spa, when a valet found the revolver in Deville’s car’s glove box and called the police.

When questioned by security, Deville cooperated and acknowledged having the pistol. She had a permit for the gun, but it was ineligible in New Jersey. She was taken into police custody without incident.

Is Sonya Deville Arrested by the WWE?

Sonya Deville was detained for having a prohibited firearm in her possession, however, it is unknown whether she was jailed. After the valet discovered Sonya Deville, whose true name is Daria Berenato, carrying a handgun in her vehicle without a valid NJ permit, she was taken into custody in New Jersey.

Sonya Deville, a WWE wrestler, was detained in New Jersey for illegally having a handgun (Source: Solowrestling).
She was brought into prison and will appear in court for a hearing later this month after the incident, which happened on February 19 at the Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City.

Deville tweeted about her impending wrestling fight with Charlotte Flair at Madison Square Garden after the news of her arrest broke. More debate resulted from several people being shocked that she was permitted to use a phone in such a circumstance.

Case Update: Has Sonya Been Charged With a Gun?

Yes, Sonya gets detained for possessing a firearm without a license. She was in New Jersey, but the pistol is not registered there, even if it is registered in Florida. According to sources, she bought the handgun for her safety during a house invasion in Florida in 2020. A committed fan reportedly tried to abduct the female wrestler, according to Fightful. Deville was able to flee safely after hearing a security alarm.

Numerous accusations, including aggravated stalking, armed home invasion, attempted armed abduction, and criminal mischief, were brought against the intruder, but he was ruled physically incompetent to stand trial. Deville took a quick break from wrestling to process the upsetting event. She is still a part of the WWE roster and has made a comeback in the ring.

Sonya Deville: Is She Married?

No, Sonya Deville isn’t wed; instead, she’s seeing Toni Cassano. The pair, who have allegedly been dating since the beginning of 2021, got engaged on February 15 and spoke openly about their desire to have a family.

Daria Rae Berenato, as Sonya Deville, is an American professional wrestler, mixed martial artist, and reality television star. In 2015, when “WWE Tough Enough” was in its sixth season, Deville first rose to fame as a participant.

She received a WWE contract and started training at the organization’s Performance Center in Florida even though she came in second in the tournament. After making her main roster WWE debut in 2017, Deville rose to prominence as a strong and courageous performer.

She has participated in a variety of competitions, including singles and tag team contests, and has engaged in conflict with several well-known rivals. Deville is renowned for being the first homosexual female wrestler in the annals of the WWE and for using her position to promote the rights of those who identify as LGBTQ+.

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