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Why Was Rebekah Jones Son Arrested? Her Husband Jacob Romer And Family

Rebekah Jones

The story of Rebekah Jones’ son, a 13-year-old kid, being detained has circulated widely online. She was the COVID-19 dashboard’s former data scientist for Florida.

Former data scientist Jones worked in Florida on the COVID-19 dashboard. Jones rose to fame in the world in 2020 after being fired from her job for allegedly being urged to alter COVID-19 data to lessen the severity of the Florida pandemic. After being sacked, she created the COVID-19 dashboard, which provided more precise information about the state’s outbreak.

Jones has been a strident opponent of Florida’s handling of the outbreak, charging that state officials prioritized politics before public health. Jones has become a contentious figure in the COVID-19 pandemic response, drawing both praise and scorn for her deeds and remarks.

Why Was the Son of Rebekah Jones Arrested?

2019 saw the arrest and “felony computer crimes” charges against Jones’s son in relation to a state website hack. Jones said that her son was targeted as a result of her activism and denied any involvement in the alleged crime. She tweeted about the arrest on April 6, 2023. The Tweet attracted a lot of views and media interest. She wrote, “They aren’t letting him come home tonight.” My son was taken hostage.

Many of them have defended her and offered their opinions regarding the arrest of a 13-year-old autistic child. The inquiry is still ongoing, and the 13-year-old’s case is still open. Hopefully, a comprehensive investigation will lead to the disclosure of further case details.

Jacob Romer, Rebekah Jones’s husband, comes here to introduce himself. The couple has two kids together. A 13-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl were born in the middle of 2018. In addition to staying out of the spotlight, Jacob has decided not to take part in the ongoing investigation. He wants to avoid influencing the media and maintain his privacy.

In her university office, Rebekah had a sexual relationship with a student named Sweeterman, which is forbidden in most schools, including Florida State University, where she was employed. The details cover the student’s genitalia size as well as her bodily experiences during the encounter. Jones thinks that the union caused her to become pregnant, which she did in 2018, and gave birth to. She still resides with her husband and two kids in spite of this.

Family Information for Rebekah Jones

Her parents are unknown to the general world, yet the source cited claims that Jones’ parents’ Mississippi home was damaged by storms on April 12, 2021. After their house was destroyed, they received $6,565 in donations, but no other details about her parents or their current situation were given.

Despite residing in two different cities, she seemed to be linked to and have a close relationship with her parents. On the other side, Jones’s parents have not been involved in her case or made any public comments about it. Jones’ parents choose to keep their personal information hidden from Jones’ close buddy or any other family members.

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