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Why Did Hyuna And Dawn Breakup, Relationship Timeline And Dating History


Hyuna And Dawn are two names that any K-pop fan should immediately recognize. Well, they’re both major players in the South Korean music scene.

Their relationship was almost as well-known as their extraordinary careers in the glitz industry. The musical couple had a relationship that was the envy of their peers.

HyunA and Dawn have been together for a long time, however, they recently broke up. Why do they seem to have drifted apart? Let’s find out, and by “it,” I mean the history of the romance between the two exes.

They have not revealed the cause of their breakup. However, once the news broke, internet users reportedly flocked to message boards to debate the couple’s marriage philosophy, as reported by Hype.

Once together, HyunA and Dawn ended their relationship. The female singer announced on Instagram on November 30th, 2022.

Dawn’s ex-girlfriend posted on her wall, “We broke up.” She let it slip that they have chosen to keep working together as friends. The Bubble Pop! singer expressed gratitude to her devoted fanbase for their unwavering support.

They have not revealed the cause of their breakup. Hype noted, however, that after the announcement, internet users flocked to message boards to debate the couple’s marriage philosophy.

It’s puzzling that the exes would decide to split up after all that time spent together. The duo was unusual for being a public K-pop coupling. In addition, they just recently exchanged wedding vows.

Fans of the musical duo flocked to Twitter to voice their shock at the news. A social media user commented, “I no longer have faith in love.

Also, “Hyuna and Dawn’s break up means that love is just a concept that is not real, and everything is a lie,” another person summed up in exasperation.

Timeline and Relationship History of HyunA and Dawn

In May 2016, Hyuna and Dawn started dating. In August 2018, the cute pair went public with their relationship.

Songs like “PING PONG,” “Deep Dive,” and “XOXO” are just some of the many collaborations between Dawn and Hyuna.

In addition, on February 3, this year, the two singers announced their engagement. They both took to Instagram to announce the fantastic news, posting identical videos.

In response to Dawn’s “marry me” message, Hyuna simply commented, “Of course, it’s a YES.” They loved each other intensely. They broke up, which is a shame. Let’s hope it’s a good choice for their long-term prospects.

Just who is HyunA, anyway?

After the release of her debut EP, Bubble Pop!, in 2011, she became more well-known to the general public. Hyuna made history when her music video on YouTube surpassed 100 million views, making her the first solo K-pop artist to do so.

Hyuna has released several popular albums and singles, including Trouble Maker, Ping Pong, Nobody, and Nabillera.

Where does Dawn come from?

Kim Hyo-Jong, better known as Dawn (or formerly E’Dawn), is her stage name. He is a musician and rapper from South Korea. The native of Hwansun-gun gained fame as a member of the boy band Pentagon.

He released two EPs as part of the group Triple H with his then-bandmate Hui and labelmate Hyuna.

Money by Dawn was his first solo single, released in November of 2019. Some of his most well-known works include Dusk Till Dawn, Dawn (Go Away), and Delta Dawn.

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