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Who Is Susan Slaughter? Details About Her Private Life

Susan Slaughter

Susan Slaughter is a reptilian, actor, model, paranormal investigator, and horror enthusiast. Susan publicly identifies as a Witch and is a well-known paranormal expert. Slaughter is well renowned for her dual careers in acting and paranormal investigations, which have elevated her to the ranks of the “horror elites.”

Although she commonly describes herself as a fashion model, her main interests are in the supernatural. At conventions and universities, Slaughter often presents lectures on paranormal subjects. The Miami native has been highlighted by The Nerdist, Bizarre States, Dread Central, and Sinful Celluloid.

Her panels may be found at events including Comic-Con, Utah Halloween Expo, Scarefest, and Stan Lee’s Comikazee. Her Travel Channel reality series Paranormal Caught on Camera is her most well-known work (2019). For Ghost Hunters International on the Syfy Channel and Pilgrim Films, Slaughter also serves as a TV host and paranormal investigator.

What is the Net Worth of Susan Slaughter? Salary, Earnings

Given that there are no clear conclusions for investigators like Slaughter to draw from her line of study, the current problem may be difficult to resolve.

Susan has acknowledged that it took some time for her work as a ghost hunter to become successful.

Contrarily, Slaughter is expected to have a net worth compared to a typical reality TV celebrity. As a result, it is claimed that networks and the shows in which they appear support supernormal investigators financially. The measures of her current financial gains or fortune from what she has been doing, however, are a disturbing teaser that will endure for some time.

Where was Susan Slaughter born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

Susan Slaughter was born Susan Noelle Slaughter on May 1, 1990. (though the year lacks credibility). She asserts that the day of her birthday is among the year’s most seductive occasions. She sees herself as a Beltane (a Gaelic May Day Festival) baby as a result.

Her actual birthday is always in the middle of the week, but she does prefer to commemorate her birthday on May 5. The fact that the fifth falls on Cinco de Mayo, a holiday honoring Mexico’s triumph over the French Empire in the Battle of Puebla in 1862, is another factor in her preference for the fifth. According to Slaughter, today is her adoptive birthday.

Susan Slaughter is a college dropout. In her early years, Susan was a zoology student, but she left to focus exclusively on theater. She had previously attended Miami Dade College, but she left before completing her degree. Susan asserts that one of the causes of this was the fact that she was going unnoticed even though she was doing all of the school running costumes, cosmetics, stage, and lighting pretty much by herself and getting NOTHING in return.

Why did Slaughter decide to explore the paranormal world?

Slaughter asserts that she had a childhood yearning to work in the film and television industries. Since she was a little child, Susan seems to have possessed a talent for theater and drama. When she was younger, she either founded her groups focused on dance and theater or was always involved in school clubs.

Slaughter claimed in an interview that, unlike the majority of young people in America, she did not grow up watching television. When she was at a friend’s house, she had to watch TV or a movie, which was always a treat for her. Her mother tried to stop her from watching horror movies, but she was headstrong and enjoyed the genre.

How did Susan Slaughter start her Professional Career?

Since she was 15 years old, Susan Slaughter has been pursuing her interest in the paranormal. Susan’s father gave her her very first piece of paranormal gear. It was a K II meter. She would bring her camera and join me at the local attractions. Slaughter’s fascination with the horror genre was sparked by her ghostly encounters.

She was frequently the target of paranormal phenomena as a child, teenager, and adult. Slaughter had to ascertain the nature of these shadows, orbs, and visions. She joined her first professional paranormal squad in her native Miami when she was 19 years old. Susan sent a letter to the Miami, Florida-based League of Paranormal Investigators.

To her astonishment, when the potential hunter for paranormal activity approached them and offered to help however they saw fit, they responded by inviting her to join them and participate in some investigations.

Susan once remarked that she genuinely cherished spending time with individuals who were utterly dissimilar to herself but had a remarkable quality. More details regarding her work as a supernatural event analyst Susan later joined the SyFy Channel’s Ghost Hunter Academy after winning a spot there on one of the ghost hunting programs.

Previously, Susan Slaughter had cut herself

Slaughter acknowledges that she cut herself in middle school, even though this may seem taboo and contentious in modern society. Susan discussed her former odd behavior in an interview with Smartass Radio in July 2021.

I cut paper while I was in middle school, but refrained from doing so as I felt depressed. I have an interest in many kinds of body art. According to Slaughter, cutting oneself was akin to having tattoos, but done differently rather than by piercing the skin with needles and dyes.

She acknowledged having a subthermal piercing during the same interview. Slaughter claimed that the public was quite critical of her act of cutting. On the other side, she has consistently insisted that she never pushed them to hurt themselves.

According to Slaughter, she slashed herself for esoteric and cultural reasons. She also disclosed that her longest tattooing session lasted six hours. She has a phoenix drawn on the right half of her torso in addition to her tattoos. Her additional prominent tattoos include:

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