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Who Is Stacey McKenzie’s Partner

Stacey McKenzie

Stacey McKenzie, a multi-hyphenate fashion star, is much more than meets the eye. The things her followers adore most about her are her thrilling sense of style and outspoken attitude.

Stacey has recently gained attention for her participation on the judging panel of Canada’s Drag Race, a reality TV program that defies gender norms. What doesn’t change is her admirers’ insatiable curiosity about her hidden partner. Nevertheless, despite her efforts to keep her private life private, she has shared information about her boyfriend that may be of interest to you.

Is Stacey McKenzie Single? Relationship, Boyfriend

Well, she doesn’t really discuss her personal matters on her social media.

However, the fashion queen did acknowledge having a girlfriend back then in one of her interviews in 2010 She did not go into detail about her romantic relationships, but she did talk about how her ex-boyfriend altered her eating habits.

She mentioned in the interview that she used to be a junk food eater at the time, but that one day she met a handsome man who persuaded her to adopt a good diet plan. The gorgeous man was successful in his endeavors, in fact. Not to mention that Stacey afterward started dating the same attractive man.

It’s interesting to note that no one is certain if she kept up with the man she described in the interview from several years ago, but it is certain that she is now a married woman.

She hasn’t yet revealed who her spouse is, though. However, she recently stated in an interview that her husband is Jamaican. This was after she made her significant judging debut on Canada’s Drag Race in 2020.

She casually stated that her husband is a great cook and that she enjoys cooking when speaking to Eat North about her cuisine preferences. As she dislikes spilling any tea about her love life, it appears that all her eager followers will learn about her relationship for the time being. But ever since she joined Canada’s Drag Race judging panel, she has been under a lot of criticism for her gender.

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Disputation Over Stacey’s Gender

Stacey is a heterosexual lady, despite the numerous misconceptions that have been spread about her sexual orientation. It’s interesting that since she participated in the reality competition series Canada’s Drag Race, where Canadian drag queens battle for the top prize, the rumors that she is gay have exploded.

Stacey McKenzie
Stacey McKenzie(right) with the judges of Canada’s Drag Race (Source: Entertainment Weekly)

She later appeared in Gay Times, where she was discussed in relation to her return to the show for season two. Although Stacey’s sexual orientation has not been confirmed, it did not take long for the unfounded rumor to gain traction on gossip websites. The big story still overshadowing Stacey’s gender rumors is that she won’t be appearing on Canada’s Drag Race.

Stacey Won’t Be Appearing In Season 2?

For the first season of Canada’s Drag Race, Stacey’s inclusion on the judging panel alongside Brooke Lynn Hytes and Jeffery Bowyer-Champman was a big plus for the viewers. Stacey, one of Canada’s most well-known fashion models, garnered a lot of praise for her presence on the program, and her supporters clamored for a chance to see her in season 2.

However, as stated by Gay Times, the news of her quitting the show must have broken many people’s hearts. Her involvement in America’s Next Top Model and Canada’s Next Top Model had already elevated her to major stardom in the entertainment industry prior to her notable performance on Canada’s Drag Race.

Her television adventure, though, goes beyond that. We can only wait patiently to see what the future holds for the stunner, but maybe she will make her return soon.

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