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Who Is Raven Ross From “Love Is Blind” Season 3?

Raven Ross

29-year-old Recent episodes of Love is Blind featured Raven Ross looking for a compatible companion. She has previously held jobs as a dancer, Pilates instructor, and bartender.

In addition, Raven instructs several workout routines to people in her Dallas, Texas studio and on YouTube. During her stay in the Love is Blind pods, Raven got to know 27-year-old analyst Bartise Bowden. He disclosed to Raven the separation of his parents. While listening to Raven’s life story, he started doing jumping jacks.

Raven said she would have stopped things with Bartise as well after becoming upset with them. Fans of Love is Blind were incredibly irritated by Raven’s actions.

In this case, Raven wasn’t the only one who got distracted. When Bartie was attempting to break up with her, she was seen eating nachos.

Raven also revealed to Bartise that she used to work as a bartender on the weekends but kept it a secret from most people. Raven and SK, 34, were shortly photographed together. Love is Blind viewers didn’t like Raven and questioned whether their relationship would last until the wedding.

Will Raven and Bartise try to restart their romance?

Nancy Rodriguez accepted Bartise’s marriage proposal, and the two embarked on their honeymoon alongside the other couples. Bartie was astounded by Raven’s looks when he first saw her and remarked that both were the “attention-receivers” of any gathering. Even if his fiancée was by his side, he regretted not spending more time or care on Raven.

Both of them, according to Raven, was quite involved in fitness. Bartie was also joking about the lack of a tangible connection between SK and Raven. With Netflix teasing the viewer with the song Temptation Got Me and Bartise seeking to call SK number two, fans may see him attempt to rekindle his romance with Raven as he admitted during a confessional.

What happened in the first four episodes of the third season of Love is Blind?

Brennon and Alexa became friends because they both enjoy food, especially shakshuka. When Brennon asked Alexa to marry him, she accepted.

Additionally, Brennon and Cole turned Colleen down during her stay in the pods. Cole had a hunch Colleen didn’t want a committed relationship because Brennon was more drawn to Alexa. She later ran into Matt, who professed to admire powerful women. Then Colleen agreed to Matt’s offer.

As part of a social experiment, men and women from many walks of life go on blind dates and try to find love.

Both Andrew and Bartise proposed to Nancy. She ultimately left the pods with Bartie, leaving Andrew despondent. Cole and Zainab got along because they both enjoyed having fun and going on adventures. Love is Blind’s third season will make its Netflix debut at 3 a.m. ET on October 26, 2022. Fans of dating reality shows shouldn’t pass up seeing this movie.

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