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Who is Pete Davidson? Regarding the Race and Heritage of the Comedian

Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson appears to have been in existence for ages. He is currently at the top of the world, enjoying a successful romance with THE Kim Kardashian and a successful comedic career.

In 2013, the SNL star made his comic debut. Since then, a lot of inquiries have been made regarding his family, especially those about the 2001 death of his father.

His ethnicity and racial background are some of the questions people are most frequently asked about Pete.

Additionally, you might be surprised to learn the comedian is of mixed heritage because, as numerous jokes regarding his ethnicity have demonstrated, appearances aren’t everything.

Pete Davidson’s ethnicity?

Scott Matthew Davidson and Amy Davidson (née Waters), Peter Michael Davidson’s parents, welcomed him into the world on November 16, 1993, in Staten Island, New York City. From both his mother’s and father’s sides, he comes from a variety of distinct ethnic backgrounds.

He finally learned that Scott, his father, was Jewish in 2017. He claimed during his December 2017 HOT 97 interview that “My mum just never told me.”

Pete Davidson said he took an ancestry test and was shocked to learn that he was “48%” Jewish. His parents didn’t reveal his dad’s ancestry to him until he asked about it.

In addition to having some Irish and Italian ancestry, Scott was of Polish, Dutch, and German Jewish heritage. His mother Carla Kaiser, Pete’s paternal grandmother, gave him his Italian ancestry, while his father Stephen Davidson, Pete’s paternal grandfather, gave him his Polish Jewish ethnicity. Scott’s mother was of Sicilian, German, and Dutch Jewish ancestry.

Amy, Pete’s mother, hails from German, Irish, English, and Scottish families. She inherited them from her father, Peter M. Waters (Pete’s maternal grandpa), who was of Irish descent, and her mother, Rebecca A. O’Keefe (Pete’s maternal grandmother), who was of English, German, and Scottish origin.

Together, Pete and his sister Casey appear to be around half Jewish and half a mash-up of several other racial backgrounds.

Make fun of his ethnicity and take responsibility for the confusion

Since the moment he rose to fame, Pete has been the target of several jokes regarding his racially ambiguous appearance. The first of those jokes were told by SNL’s top brass to a cast member who was significantly larger (and older) than him.

When he started working for Saturday Night Live in 2014, neither he nor anybody else outside of his family was aware of his ethnicity. As a result, it was only natural for jokes regarding his enigmatic nationality to become popular.

However, Pete has never taken them seriously. He discussed how he dealt with all the jokes about his ambiguous appearance in an interview with People in October 2015.

“I’m a straight white guy, yet for some reason, I resemble people of all other races combined. Despite being entirely Irish and Italian, I nevertheless have a Puerto Rican appearance “said he.

Pete Davidson also made light of how he exploited it “to my advantage.” The comedian said, “I feel like as soon as people find out I’m simply a white male, I’ll start losing employment.”

In the years that followed, he made appearances on roasts for Rob Lowe and Justin Bieber on Comedy Central, where other comedians cracked jokes about his conflicted racial identity at the time. It’s probably safe to say that the jokes have subsided since the information about his and his parents’ ethnicities was made public.

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