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Who Is Patricia Defran Boyfriend? Wikipedia Age And parents

Patricia Defran

Netizens are looking for Patricia Defran’s boyfriend as the Spanish actress’s popularity skyrockets on social media.

Defran is getting ready to wow audiences with her role in the upcoming film Infiesto. Infiesto is an upcoming mystery thriller directed and written by Patxi Amezcua.

This film, starring Defran, Isak Ferriz, and Iria del Ro, will be released on Netflix on February 2, 2023.

In addition to Infiesto, the actress is known for her roles in Jaska the Killer II (2015) and Soulmates (2020).

Defran has also appeared in several short films and television shows. Continue reading to learn more about the life of this aspiring actress.

Patricia Defran’s Boyfriend?

The actress has not disclosed any information about her boyfriend. Patricia and the online media have not revealed anything about her romantic affair.

Defran, for example, has not posted anything about her love life on Instagram. She is quite active on this social media platform, with 1,663 followers.

Adding her name as “Paty Defran,” the Spanish actress now has 442 posts, the majority of which are about her work and self-portraits. In addition, she has included a link to her website in her Instagram bio.

The stunning actress must be striving for professional success, and she may reveal details about her personal life at the appropriate time.

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Patricia Defran’s Age: How Old Is She?

Patricia Defran, 41, was born in 1982. She was born in Spain and currently resides in Marbella.

Patricia Defran has worked on TV shows such as Soulmates (2020-Amazon Prime), Black Mirror (2018-Netflix), While They (2013), Dried Flowers (2017), and When we were lemmings (2014-2017).

Defran also founded a theater company with Mireia Rey, Gerard Matari, and Joan Sirera. LA GRIETA is the name of this innovative and creative theater company.

The company began as a research laboratory to consider the human stage and its limits. It now creates a different type of art, which its members write, direct, and analyze.

Patricia Defran’s Family Information

Patricia Defran has not revealed any information about her family, preferring to keep her personal life out of the public eye.

She was born in Spanish, as previously stated. She is fluent in English in addition to her mother tongue.

The blonde actress is a skilled dancer and has blue eyes. She can dance in a variety of styles, including ballet, cabaret, classical, burlesque, jazz, and funky.

Defran is known for her roles in short films such as Rebelution (2019), Full Stop (2017), Smoking Dogs (2016), Hector (2016), Heroin (2015), Alone (2014), and many more.

Defran has also honed her skills in her field. In terms of academics, she enrolled in the acting course “The different planes of the Camera,” which was organized by Macarena Astorga in 2022.

Similarly, in 2022, she participated in “Voice, Dubbing, and Performance with Animation: Virtual Characters,” which was organized by Luisa Ezquerra and Abraham Lopez.

Patricia has also had the following experiences: “2021: Enneagram before the Chamber,” “2020: Emotions before the Chamber,” “2020: Interpretation in front of the Chamber,” and many more.

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