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Who Is Pasionaye Nguyen? Learn More About The Life Of Tyga’s Mother

Pasionaye Nguyen

Pasionaye Nguyen is well-known in the rap and entertainment industries, the mother of rapper Tyga. The well-known mother reared her son by herself. For this reason, Tyga constantly expresses gratitude to her for all of the efforts she put in to raise him.

Many of us have no idea how Tyga spent his formative years or what kind of relationship he had with his mother. Because Tyga’s father was incarcerated throughout his whole life, his mother had to be both his mother and father.

What is the Net Worth of Pasionaye Nguyen? Salary, Earnings

It is challenging to determine this celebrity mom’s total net worth because she does not appear to have a prominent career. Even so, we’re certain that she and her billionaire rapper son lead opulent lives. As of 2022, Tyga has a $5 million net worth. He made the majority of his money doing rap music.

The family is housed in a big $12.8 million property in Bel-Air that is 13,000 square feet large. This home has been under Tyga’s lease since October 2020.

Where was Pasionaye Nguyen born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

On September 11, 1971, Pasionaye Nicole Nguyen was born in Los Angeles, California. In 2021, she will turn 50 years old. She is the daughter of Kim Nguyen and her partner. Pasionaye was born and raised in Los Angeles County and is of Vietnamese origin. Regarding her father, there is not much information accessible. Kim, her mother, is friendly with the family as well.

Vietnamese-born Pasionaye Nguyen Pasionaye is Tyga’s mother. In addition to her parents, Pasionaye also has a sister named CeCe Nguyen. She may or may not be Pasionaye’s only sibling. Tyga’s aunt CeCe is rarely seen in public, but when Tyga’s ex, Blac Chyna’s mother, called her family out, she publicly defended them.


Pasionaye appears to have had at least one marriage. She did wed Anthony Wayne Headen, after all. The couple’s wedding day exact date has not been made public. However, as of 2022, the pair is no longer married. Nguyen filed for divorce from her husband on April 8, 2016. She stated the reason for the separation as irreconcilable differences.

She keeps the details of her current relationship a secret. It is tough to tell if she has a husband because she is still visible when she is not in the spotlight. Additionally, she doesn’t have a social media profile.

The mother and sister of Pasionaye Nguyen

In 2015, a bitter dispute between the Nguyen and Chyna families was brought on by Tyga’s grandmother. We admire Kylie and think she is a much better match for Tyga than Blac in our opinion, she said in an interview with the Daily Mail regarding Kylie Jenner, who was allegedly her grandson’s girlfriend at the time.

Even though Blac was a horrible person and Kylie comes from a much better background, she is King’s mother. Since he started dating Kylie, Tyga has never seemed happier.

The Nguyen family is a tight one, and members will always stand up for one another’s morality.

When Pasionaye was a teenager, Tyga was born

On November 19, 1989, Tyga’s mother welcomed him into the world. He is the only child Pasionaye and her partner Stevie J. Stevenson have together. Pasionaye had just turned 18 at the time. Numerous sources claim she gave birth to the well-known rapper when she was 16 years old, however, this is untrue.

Tyga didn’t grow up with a father figure in his life. His father was often getting into problems and spent most of his life behind bars. even in songs, several interviews, etc. Tyga has frequently expressed his desire to have children. Pasionaye successfully raised her son despite the challenges. Her son’s success as one of the most accomplished rappers in the world has made her proud. The mother’s hope has come true.

How did Pasionaye and Tyga’s father get along? Or did they not get married?

It has been suggested that Tyga’s mother and father were wed. That doesn’t seem to be the situation in this instance. Since Pasionaye was hardly legal when she fell pregnant with Tyga, they did not get married.

After that, Tyga’s father received a prison sentence and disclosed in a KALW interview that he is the father of six kids by six different women. He was not mentioned in the interview as being married to Pasionaye. It is safe to say that they were never wed.

As of right now, Pasionaye Nguyen is a grandmother

King Cairo Stevenson, Tyga’s first and only child, was born on October 16, 2012, making Nguyen a grandmother. He resides with Blac Chyna, his ex-girlfriend. After the first meeting in October 2011, the ex-lovers began dating in November. Even though they were engaged, they later called off their engagement and finalized their divorce in 2014.

Nguyen is a loving grandma to King, who is now nine years old. She routinely makes public appearances with her son and grandson.

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