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Who Is Luba Farmiga? Everything To Know About Vera Farmiga’s Mother

Luba Farmiga

The mother of American actress Vera Farmiga is Luba Farmiga. In the 2013 film The Conjuring and its follow-ups, her daughter Lorraine Warren is best known for playing a paranormal investigator. Like her older sister Vera, Luba’s other daughter Taissa Farmiga is also a well-known actress.

In addition to being a famous mother, Luba is also a highly educated and career-focused individual, as we will cover below. Farmiga has seven children with her spouse Michael, with whom she is also a wife.

Age, Education, And Early Life Of Luba Farmiga

The late 1940s saw the birth of Luba, the mother of Vera Farmiga, to Nadia and Theodore Spas as Lubomyra “Luba” Spas. She is now in her seventies.

When her Ukrainian parents immigrated to the United States of America in 1950, Farmiga was just a baby. Luba’s parents arrived in America as Ukrainian immigrants and settled in New Jersey. Her early years were thus largely spent in New Jersey, USA.

Theodore and Nadia Farmiga met for the first time during World War II. Nadia, a resident of Ukraine, arrived in the camp for Ukrainian refugees in Karsfield, Germany, yearning to see her brother, who had been transferred to German factories during the Second World War. Additionally, Theodore, Nadia’s future husband, was employed by the US Army as a mechanic at the camp.

Regardless of where she was born, Luba was unquestionably raised in Ukrainian culture and is a naturalized Ukrainian citizen. And as for her mother, she is currently no longer a part of the living world as she died away on October 19, 2014, at the age of 88.

Farmiga’s Academic Background

Luba attended Union High School in Union, New Jersey for her education. She enrolled at Newark State College, Kean University, in 1967 after finishing high school.

How Does Luba Farmiga Make Her Living?

She studied in education, as was already indicated, thus she started her career as a teacher. She also worked as a bank officer at National Westminster Bank for two years, according to her LinkedIn profile.

She also worked at Whitehouse Station Family Medicine as a receptionist and manager of the medical records department. In her bio, she also identified herself as the CEO, although the name of the business was not disclosed.

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