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Who Is Laura Wibbenmeyer Husban | Kids And Family | Meteorologist Arrested For Drunk Driving

Laura Wibbenmeyer

A well-known television personality named Laura Wibbenmeyer is most remembered for her time spent working as the first alert meteorologist at CBS-affiliated station KFVS-TV. Since 2005, she has held the role in question. She graduated with a bachelor’s in atmospheric science and started working as a meteorologist right away.

Laura formerly had positions at KOMU-TV, KLFY-TV, and KTBS-TV before joining KFVS-TV. KFVS12’s Wibbenmeyer is departing. She just posted on social media about leaving. There has been a lot of interest in her personal and professional life ever since. Learn every known information about the television personality’s spouse and married life in the brief piece we’re publishing today.

Who Is the Husband of Laura Wibbenmeyer?

Chase Wibbenmeyer and Laura Wibbenmeyer have been married for ten years and have a happy marriage. On her social media, the brilliant meteorologist often posts photos of him and his boyfriend. Additionally, she periodically updates her admirers and followers on her personal life. Despite all this, the weather forecaster kept her husband’s occupation and other personal information a secret.

Before getting married, the infatuated couple dated for three years. Laura joked that she was still teaching her husband to put his clothes in the basket rather than next to it as they celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary. But if that’s his worst defect, I’m fortunate, she said. Love you, sweetie, hehe. The marriage of the Wibbenmeyer couple is still going strong. We wish the adorable couple an unbreakable link of love, adoration, and support.

Children And Family Of Laura Wibbenmeyer

Laura and her husband, Chase Wibbenmeyer, have been together for ten years and are the proud parents of two daughters, including Vivian Josephine Wibbenmeyer. On October 5, 2014, the couple gave birth to their first child, Vivian Josephine Wibbenmeyer. At birth, Vivian weighed 6 pounds, 12 ounces, and was 20 inches long.

The first time Laura and her husband became parents, they must have been over the moon. After giving delivery, the First Alert Meteorologist’s first reaction was, “Thank God she’s here.” According to her, “I was first just relieved that it was over and that the baby was out before it naturally transformed into pure joy when I could see her.”

The Wibbenmeyer family also had a second daughter, whose name and specifics of her birth remain unknown. However, it looks like Vivian is two or three years younger than the youngest Wibbenmeyer. The daughters of the meteorologist are developing away from the spotlight.

Laura enjoys any activity that makes her heart race, whether it’s skydiving or white water rafting. The television star loves to travel, dance, play volleyball, and hang out with her husband and two children.

The Wibbenmeyer family makes the most of every opportunity to be together and spend quality time together. We hope for many beautiful and pleasant times ahead for the picture-perfect family.

Meteorologist Laura Wibbenmeyer is detained for DUI

In Scott County, Laura Wibbernmeyer was detained in July 2011 for driving under the influence. Despite the event taking place 12 years ago, the public doesn’t appear to have forgotten about it. There are no specifics concerning the 2011 arrest other than the report of the arrest. Laura may not have had much difficulty as a result. The event, however, received a lot of media and public attention. The drawback of becoming a prominent person was brought up.

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