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Who Is Kelsey Parker New Boyfriend Sean Boggans? Why Was He Arrested?

Kelsey Parker

The new partner of English actress and YouTuber Kelsey Parker has generated a lot of curiosity.

She played a Hogwarts student in the third Harry Potter film, Prisoner of Azkaban, which is her most well-known part, but she also made cameos in Abducted and Legacy, among other films.

At the age of five, Kelsey started dancing, and at the age of 19, the Italia Conti school awarded her a performing arts certificate.

She is pals with the well-known Pixie Lott and operates the fashion boutique Kelsey Loves in addition to her job as an influencer.

The performing arts school K2K Stars was formed by Kelsey and her buddy Kelsey Gallagher.

She became well-known for playing a student in “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.”

Additionally, she has made appearances in a few other movies and TV series. In addition to performing. She is also the proprietor of the apparel boutique “Kelsey Love.” Scroll down to read more about Kelsey Hardwick.

The well-known actress was born into a business family on March 7, 1990, in England, United Kingdom.

Who Is Sean Boggans, Kelsey Parker’s New Boyfriend?

Sean Boggans, 39, is said to be dating the 32-year-old around eight months after the demise of her husband, Tom Parker, a singer with the British boy band The Wanted, following a lengthy battle with brain Cancer.

Sean Boggans is a British electrician from Brentwood, Essex, who also owns a company and is active in the media.

The whole country knows this remarkable guy as Kelsey Parker’s new boyfriend. Kelsey is the name of the late English singer Tom Parker’s spouse.

He becomes more well-known around the country after dating Kelsey Parker. Sean and Kelsey allegedly met during the holidays, according to the SUN.

Boggans, a father of two, and Mrs. Parker are said to have crossed paths in September when she was on holiday in Lindos, Rhodes, with friends.

Sean was raised in a mixed household, according to the media, where he was born. He is of the Caucasian ethnicity and a Christian.

The allegations state that Sean’s parents were from the United Kingdom. His parents’ and siblings’ real names are still unknown.

Why was Sean Boggans, Kelsey Parker’s new boyfriend, detained?

In 2013, Kelsey Parker’s new boyfriend murdered a stranger as they waited for a cab outside an east London club.

But following a heated argument over a cab, the electrician was sentenced to prison for fatally punching Shaun McDermott, 44, outside the Havering Oak bar in Romford.

As Boggans waited for his then-girlfriend to pick him up, the 44-year-old and he got into a fight, which resulted in the 44-year-old being knocked to the ground.

Later, the electrician could be seen fleeing the scene on CCTV video.

Officers discovered Mr. McDermott, who had suffered a brain hemorrhage, lying on the pavement at approximately one in the morning.

After a postmortem found that Boggans had died as a consequence of brain damage, a judge at the Old Bailey sentenced him to four years in jail.

Mr. McDermott had been drinking at the nearby Wheatsheaf pub with two of his sisters, Maureen and Kathy, before he left for home.

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