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Who Is “Dancing With Myself” Eshani Patel?

Eshani Patel

Tonight on Dancing with Myself, Eshani Patel, commonly known as Esh, 28, wowed the judges with her fantastic dancing moves to Calvin Harris’s “Feel so Close” and won $25,000. Eshani revealed in Episode 8 that she had been dancing for a very long time, but she only began posting dance routines on social media after completing her Harvard dentistry residency.

Eshani Patel Education

She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology. After completing her bachelor’s degree in 2016, she got accepted into the Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

Esh stated in an interview with NBC 6 that after graduating from college in 2020, she had so much free time that she began filming and posting dance videos on social media.

Eshani Patel Discusses Dancing by Myself

Dancing in front of Liza Koshy, Shakir, and Nick Jonas, according to Esh, was like a “quick” dream come true because everything happened so quickly.

Esh is a General Dental Resident at the VA Loma Linda Healthcare System, as well as the owner of Desi Fuze, her own dance school.

Desi Fuze instructs dance and fitness routines that incorporate shuffle and footwork motions based on Indian dance genres. Esh stated that she enjoyed being a dentist, but that dancing was an excellent stress reliever.

She also stated that she would contribute a portion of the award money and use the remainder to purchase dental equipment.

Esh aimed to captivate the audience and judges with her Indian Fusion dance at the start of the performance, and she was successful. She defeated Taylor during the Freestyle Battle round.

Michael’s performance in the Duo Collaborate round was more rhythmic than hers. Throughout the round, she was in danger of elimination, but the producers chose to save her. Nick Jonas liked each and every one of her performances.

He compared her dancing to his own wedding dance performance. Esh plans to pursue a career as a dentist and dancer. She currently has over 190K followers on Instagram and over 270K followers on Tik Tok.

What happened on Dancing with Myself today?

Nick Jonas guided the 12 contestants in Round 1, All Eyes on You, on how to dance to Fireball, Celebration, and Bust a Move using a hologram.

After their individual dance performances, Mahak, Meghan Theresa, and JT were at risk of elimination. During the round, the producers chose to keep Mahak and Meghan alive.

The audience rescued Destiny, Mahak, Michael, Esh, and Jaylin during the round. Jemarcus, Demarcus, and Taylor were not removed, whereas Kayla and Meghan were.

WWE superstar Bianca Belair guided the remaining contestants in round three dancing methods. Michael, Destiny, Taylor, and Jaylin were in the red zone because the audience was unimpressed with their performances.

Taylor and Jaylin were eliminated from the competition because their rescue was not chosen by the producers.

In the Duo Collaborate round, the audience rescued Destiny and Michael’s team. Esh and Michael were eventually rescued by their creators. Jemarcus and Demarcus were eliminated from the round.

In the fifth round of Dancing with Myself, the last four contestants were ordered to dance with an umbrella to Te felicito by Shakira. The crowd helped Destiny and Esh to safety. The round was won by Esh’s extraordinary footwork to “Fell So Close.”

There were 96 amateur dancers from each of the fifty states in the first season of Dancing with Myself.

The candidates come from diverse backgrounds and are taught by the show’s creators, Nick Jonas, Liz Koshy, and Shakira. It is currently unknown whether Dancing with Myself will receive a second season.

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