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Who Is Dana Brooke | Explore Her WWE Career And Wiki

Dana Brooke

Ashley Mae Sebera, now known as Dana Brooke, was born in Seven Hills, Ohio on November 29, 1988. This versatile wrestler joined WWE in 2013 after achieving success as a bodybuilder, gymnast, and fitness competitor.

Her most recent appearance was on Raw during a double wedding ceremony, when she lost the 24/7 Championship to her then-fiancé, Reggie. Her achievements range from gymnastic feats to pinning opponents in the WWE ring. Dana Brooke’s career is a testament to her dedication and hard work, emphasized by her beauty, intelligence, and obvious strength.

Dana Brooke, real name Ashley Mae Sebera, is the epitome of talent and commitment. She’s left her mark everywhere she’s gone, from gymnastics to the squared circle of WWE. Brooke’s personal and professional lives recently collided when she became engaged to fellow WWE Superstar Reggie and lost her 24/7 title to him.

Background and Early Years

Dana Brooke, also known as Ashley Mae Sebera, was born in Seven Hills, Ohio on November 29, 1988. She had previously won bodybuilding, gymnastics, and fitness competitions. These diverse achievements paved the way for the WWE superstar we know today.

Dana Brooke’s Road to WWE

Brooke transitioned from fitness competitions to the NXT brand in 2013. Her remarkable combination of beauty, intelligence, and power distinguished her. In NXT, she proved her worth by winning championships and the hearts of many fans.

WWE NXT Recent Matches

Dana Brooke recently competed in a nail-biting WWE NXT match against Lyra Valkyria on September 12, 2023. With each appearance, she establishes her position in NXT, generating a lot of attention and excitement.

Presence on Social Media

Dana Brooke’s influence goes beyond the ring. She has over a million Instagram followers as @ashasebera_danabrooke. This vast fan base indicates both her interaction with fans and the significance of her digital mark.

Main Roster Experience for Dana Brooke

Brooke’s contributions to WWE’s main roster are impressive, having appeared on both Raw and SmackDown. Despite her main roster experience, she is currently polishing her craft at NXT, demonstrating her ever-evolving wrestling skills.


Dana Brooke’s journey from Seven Hills, Ohio, to the enormous WWE platforms is both inspiring and incredible. Ashley Mae Sebera, a gymnast, bodybuilder, fitness competitor, and now wrestler, is a testament to dedication and versatility in the sports entertainment business.

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