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Who Is Amjad Islam Amjad Wife Firdous Amjad? Meet His Kids And family

Amjad Islam Amjad

Firdous, the wife of Amjad Islam Amjad, is grieving the loss of her husband, who was 78 years old when he had a heart attack.

Amjad Islam was a well-known dramatist, poet, and songwriter. In a similar vein, the poet wrote forty novels and was recognized with several accolades for his extraordinary prose.

The majority of Islamic works are translated into other languages, so they are not just well-known in his own country. Amjad’s debut drama was a smash, and he was awarded Best Writer of PTV.

In addition, the daily Jang publishes his pieces. Having been involved and gifted from an early age, he started working as an editor in the ninth grade.

The songwriter read a lot and was naturally curious. This was an early habit he picked up. He was, as was previously said, a lifelong student who went overseas to take part in poetry readings.

After his active career, he traveled to over 15 different nations. The poet in Urdu was both an administrator and a teacher. He held positions as director and director general in a number of different companies.

Looking further into his writing career, other TV dramas he has authored have also garnered multiple honors. Because he only wrote one drama, “Waris,” his admirers believed that drama was Amjad’s primary genre.

Amjad Islam: Who Is She? Firdous Wife of Amjad Amjad?

Amjad Islam, a poet, had achievements outside of his professional life as well. In addition, he was wed to Firdous, his spouse, who was reportedly his cousin as well. He and his spouse were fortunate to have three children.

Islam never said much about his family life, even though he was quite well-liked. His spouse and children similarly led quiet lives and avoided public areas.

Furthermore, Amjad seldom discussed his wife; online users have seen her a few times when she attends events and award ceremonies with Islam.

We are unaware of Firdous’s occupation due to a lack of information. Firdous began earning notoriety because of her marriage since she is solely recognized for being the late poet Islam’s wife.

Amjad Islam’s Family And Children

Three children were born to the late Amjad Islam and his wife, Firdous Amjad. His children have all established themselves as successful adults.

Looking further into this family, we find that one of his daughters is wed to Muhammad Aqib Noor, the comedian Anwar Masood’s son.

In Islamabad, Aqib Noor works as a chartered accountant. The craftsmen who made up Amjad’s family had no reading or writing heritage.

The poet kept his personal life behind closed doors, despite the fact that he was a family man and well-known around the globe. For this reason, the names of his children are now absent as well.

Examined: Amjad Islam’s Early Career

Amjad Islam, the author, was born on August 4, 1944. Lahore, in British India, was the city of his birth. His ancestors came from Sialkot.

Amjad was born and raised mostly in his hometown, also finishing his secondary schooling at Government Islamia College Civil Lines, Lahore.

During his early years, the poet played cricket for his college team. Amjad participated in the intercollegiate event because he had a charismatic personality since he was young.

He earned a master of arts degree from Punjab University prior to beginning his work as an instructor. In 1998, Amjad was named the Urdu Science Board’s Director General.

The literary icon passed away at the age of 78; his followers were startled to learn of the news and the whole globe is in grief. The reports claim that a heart attack caused his death.

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