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Who Are Danielle Stephens And Dhakota Williams? Roberta Williams’s Children

Roberta Williams

Roberta Williams is also the widow of the late Australian drug lord and killer from Melbourne, Victoria. His criminal history and role in the Melbourne gangland killings have earned him widespread notoriety.

Both he and Roberta were involved in various illicit acts after getting married to Roberta, a drug dealer who had been convicted. Many people have learned of their misconduct by reading news sources.

A daughter belongs to the Mafia couple, and Roberta has other kids from a prior relationship. After Carl’s passing, many people have continued to express a greater curiosity concerning his location.

Worth of Roberta Williams

Roberta Williams might be a multi-millionaire even though she hasn’t disclosed how much money she is worth. Roberta and Carl’s involvement in drug dealing may have made them extremely wealthy.

Their illicit money source, however, does not support their profits through legitimate routes, and they may have turned themselves into the police. The Daily Mail claims that they showered their daughter with pricey gifts.

Roberta Williams’ costume was nearly twice as expensive as Dhakota’s attire for the sumptuous event, which included a 4,000-dollar gown for Dhakota on the big day. They lived in luxury thanks to their illegal source of income.

Even though she doesn’t work in the same industry as me, her lifestyle looks similar. About her detention so that she might live opulently with her family, there is no news.

Who Are Danielle Stephens and Dhakota Williams? Kids of Roberta

Roberta Williams says, “I don’t want my children to follow in my footsteps.” “I don’t want my children to follow in my footsteps,” Roberta Williams adds. According to Nine Finance

Tye, Danielle, and Breanne were the four children Roberta Williams already had from her former relationship. After her marriage to Carl Williams, she later gave birth to a daughter named Dakota.

Since so many people were interested in the mafia’s family, the information was made public.

Dakota is also the only child of their union; Danielle is her step-sister. They have reached adulthood, and Danielle has already given Roberta the title of grandmother.

Dakota, who typically stays out of the spotlight and makes an effort to avoid the paparazzi, was young when she had to deal with the death of her father.

She also presently lives with her partner Rob, with whom she has a kid named Giuseppe.

Roberta encourages and lauds her child because she recognizes that her child’s entry into the world represents a new beginning.

Who Is Carl, the Husband of Roberta Williams?

In 2001, Carl Williams, a notorious felon, wed Roberta Williams. She was allegedly dating Ken Williams, however, this seems to be untrue.

Carl, her ex-husband, had a variety of manual labor jobs until partnering with her to create a children’s clothes store. However, their daughter’s birth catalyzed their business venture’s eventual failure.

He suffered a head injury after engaging in illegal activity, and on April 19, 2010, while incarcerated at Barwon Prison, he passed away. She is currently wed to Rob, and before Carl, she was in past relationships.

Even though she was formerly thought to be dating Ken Williams, she is not connected to him according to her background. She may have been mistaken for Roberta, a video game designer, and author, by many.

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Roberta Williams, a gangland widow, discusses why her daughter Dakota makes her think of him and offers exclusive footage from her wedding.

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