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Where Is Amber Heard Now? Her Bleak Outlook After The Trial

Amber Heard

Amber Heard took the loss hard, especially because Depp had already lost comparable litigation in the UK. Depp won the Depp-Heard trial, which concluded a few weeks ago.

Depp received $10.35 million instead of the $50 million he had requested, but it appeared that the court’s decision meant more to him than money. Depp remarked on Instagram, “The jury handed me my life back.”


On Instagram, she wrote:

The disappointment I experience today is indescribable. I’m devastated that despite the amount of evidence, my ex-enormous husband’s power, influence, and sway could not be overcome.

After apparently failing to settle with Depp, Amber vows to appeal the decision.

Elaine Charlson Bredehoft, Amber Heard’s attorney, stated on TODAY with Savannah Guthrie that Amber is ‘definitely’ unable to pay that amount of damages to Depp. Heard and Depp allegedly met to discuss the debt, but the meeting was fruitless, according to a story by Marca.

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Early in July 2022, Heard’s legal representatives asked the court to overturn the decision. Amber’s counsel, led by Elaine Bredehoft, alleged that Depp had failed to demonstrate that Heard’s claims in her op-ed for the Washington Post were untrue.

Bredehoft claimed that Depp “abandoned any arguments that Ms. Heard’s words were truly incorrect” and “proceeded entirely on a defamation by implication theory.”

The lawyers asserted that Depp was given disproportionate compensation for his losses. Ben Chew, Depp’s principal attorney, claimed in an email to Courthouse News that he had anticipated the motions but rejected them because they lacked merit.

Heard further claimed that one of the jurors was not properly screened by the court. According to the complaint, jury 15 gave a false birth year of 1945 when, according to public records, the juror was born in 1970.

The motion also questioned whether Juror 15 was properly vetted by the court to serve on the panel and if he ever received a summons for jury duty.

A request for more hearings on the matter was turned down by Judge Penney Azcarate a few weeks before the filing. Azcarate denied Bredehoft’s motion and entered the verdict into the record.

She instructed Heard’s legal team to submit motions to the court as she was hesitant to set up additional sessions. Azcarate stated that before any appeal could be heard, Heard would need to post an $8.35 million bond with a 6% interest rate per year.

Any future appeal seems doomed in light of Bredehoft’s claim that Amber Heard lacks the financial resources to compensate Depp. The parties’ capacity to settle outside of court is likewise restricted by the judgment’s registration.

Depp’s counsel claimed that he would be willing to give up his prize after the ruling. Amber has often accused Depp of wrongdoing, thus it seems unlikely that the actor will accept the honorable mention.

According to attorneys, Heard has little chance of winning an appeal. Legal professionals believe Heard shouldn’t bother to file an appeal because she will probably lose.

Former assistant U.S. attorney Neama Rahmani told EW that Amber could only appeal if there had been a clear legal mistake in the case. However, in his opinion, there hadn’t been any such mistakes.

According to Valentina Shaknes, a matrimonial and family law attorney, the jury deemed Depp to be more trustworthy than Amber and that “appeal courts are very, very unlikely to perform a reconsideration of credibility determinations.”

If the damages award is unlawful in any way, that is one matter they might try to challenge, said Shaknes.

Shaknes stated that Heard’s legal team’s attempt to appeal the underlying credibility-based conclusions would be “very difficult and unlikely to succeed.”

On TODAY, Elaine Bredehoft said that Depp’s use of evidence suppression helped him win in Virginia. For instance, the judge determined that the doctor’s records, to which Heard was purportedly reporting the abuse, were “hearsay and inadmissible.” said Bredehoft:

“The court found that Mr. Depp had engaged in at least 12 incidents of domestic abuse, including sexual assault against Amber, but we were not permitted to share this information with the jury. What did Depp’s team discover as a result, then? Discredit Amber and bury the facts.

Bredehoft further asserted that despite the court’s orders to the contrary, the jurors were swayed by the massive support Depp received on social media.

Heard thinks the verdict will silence abused women but doesn’t place blame on the jury.

Amber posted on Instagram right away following the decision, saying: “I’m disappointed I lost this lawsuit. The fact that I appear to have lost a right to speak freely and honestly as an American makes me even more unhappy.

Heard concurred with her remarks in her first interview following the verdict, telling Savannah Guthrie on NBC that the ruling had silenced her.

Amber insisted to Guthrie that every statement she made throughout the trial was accurate, and Depp lied by denying abusing her while they were married. Amber admitted that during the couple’s romance, she behaved irresponsibly.

Heard admitted, “I did do and say nasty, regrettable things throughout my relationship.

“I regret that so deeply,”

Heard claimed that she discovered during the trial that any piece of evidence she offered would inevitably be refuted. Amber clarified:

“If you have evidence, it was a fraud; it was a conspiracy. It didn’t happen if you can’t provide proof of it. It’s a fake bruise if you have one. Violence didn’t damage you if you don’t have any bruises. If you told anyone, you’re a nutcase. It didn’t happen if you didn’t let anyone know.

Amber lamented the fact that she wasn’t the ideal victim in the eyes of the general public. She didn’t criticize the jury’s choice, though. Heard said, “I don’t blame them. I do realize that he is a well-liked figure with who people consider being familiar. He makes a great actor.

Amber was concerned that the decision may silence mistreated women, particularly those who had been assaulted by Johnny.

Amber remarked, “Look at what happened to me when I came forward. Amber’s assessment that the choice was a setback for all women was echoed by Bredehoft. The lawyer informed Guthrie:

“I am sorry to all those women out there,” Amber remarked as one of her first words. She is burdened by the fact that this is a setback for all the women there, both inside and beyond the courtroom.

Amber desires to spend more time with Oonagh Paige.

In April 2021, Oonagh Paige Heard was born via surrogacy. Amber wrote in a post from July 2021 that she had given birth on her terms. Heard penned:

“I hope we reach a stage where it’s accepted practice to not desire a ring to have a crib. I have a desire to maintain that no one should care about my personal life. I understand that the nature of my position requires me to take charge of this, too.

On Paige’s first birthday, Amber commented,

“My little O is a year old today.”

“I’m still in disbelief that you are here. The most amazing year. In honor of Amber’s late mother, Paige Heard, she gave her daughter the name Paige.

Paige was brought up by Amber a few times during the trial.

“I wish to continue living my life. A child is mine. I must continue. Heard stated, “I want to go on, and I want Johnny to move on too.

Heard also disclosed that she and Paige have received online threats. She uttered:

“People tell me every day that they want to kill me. People have told me that they want to microwave my baby.

According to a source who spoke to People, Amber was looking forward to seeing Oonagh after six weeks of a chaotic trial. From the source:

She just wants to concentrate on her daughter for the time being. A lot of precious mommy time was lost due to the trial. A summer spent with her daughter and family is something Amber is anticipating.

Amber Heard may have lost the case, but the fact that she battled for what she believed in means something to her and possibly to her kid. Heard discussed what she would tell Oonagh about the trial with Savannah Guthrie:

“I believe it will mean something, no matter what. I made the proper decision. I exerted every effort to defend the truth and myself.

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