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What We Know About Christen Press Parents

Christen Press

Christen Press competes for Manchester United and the US Women’s National Team. Press made an impression as a Division 1 player with the Stanford Cardinal, where she set the all-time marks for points scored and assists. Christen won the WPS Rookie of the Year award in 2011, however after the WPS disbanded, she went for the Swedish team Tyreso FF.

Press was called up to the national squad in February 2013 as a result of her strong performances. She has played 142 times for her nation and scored 60 goals so far.

Where was Christen Press born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family

Christen Press was born to Stacy and Cody Press on December 29, 1988, in Los Angeles, California. Early in the 1980s, Stacy and Cody met at Howard University. On the eve of the new year in 1982, they were wed. Tyler, Christen, and Channing are the result of their marriage.

Cody was the Dartmouth football captain, and Stacy defeated opponents with ease on the tennis court. Cody and Stacy were both standout athletes in college. Although Cody and Stacy didn’t pursue athletic professions, their girls inherited their athletic propensities. Stacy took a special interest in encouraging her kids to participate in sports. For Sports Illustrated, Cody said:

They performed Brownies. Tennis was played. They engaged in track. You guys are doing too much stuff, Stacy exclaimed. They chose tennis and soccer after hearing “You have to choose a few things.” Stacy would choreograph the school talent show, among other things, which were still done. She made the girls the center of her life.

The sisters ultimately decided on soccer. They were given starting positions on the Slammers FC squad, but Christen stood out right away. According to what she told Sports Illustrated, Cody’s catchphrases inspired her to keep going. In regard to blue-collar laborers who worked so hard they hardly had time for lunch, she particularly loved the phrase “You best bring your lunch pail.”

There are many things that are beyond your control, Christen told SI. Stacy read that Pele, a football legend, took 100 shots a day with each foot to improve his shooting, “but the one thing that you can control is your work ethic.” Before or after practice, Christen imitated Pele by making 100 shots with each foot while leaving Stacy to fetch the ball from the goal’s back-post trees.

Christen Press’s late mother was honored by Press

Press honored her late mother by having the time of her passing inscribed on her World Cup soccer boots.

After finishing a half-marathon, Stacy experienced a sudden seizure a few months later. Later, a cancer doctor confirmed the worst: Stacy had been identified as having an uncommon and aggressive stage IV glioblastoma. After that, Stacy had a stroke while undergoing surgery, which largely disabled her.

Stacy underwent chemo and therapy in a remarkable act of bravery. Sadly, she had a brain aneurysm, which rendered her dependent on life support. Cody and Tyler, his eldest daughter, made the difficult decision to turn off Stacy’s life support at the hospital. Cody told SI, “Tyler and I made the choice. She is receiving morphine from all of us present. We also turned off her life support.

Stacy Press passed away on January 23, 2019, at the age of 58. The family attended a Catholic church, but they decided against following Catholic funeral customs. Cody remarked, “The girls said screw it. Our personal service will be performed at Palos Verdes Golf Club. For 250 people, they set up. plenty of residents. The entire Slammers squad from Christen’s team arrived.

Megan Rapinoe and Tobin Heath, two of Stacy’s colleagues from the national team, attended the event.

Cody chimed in, “It was incredibly sweet of them. Christen honored Stacy by engraving her passing date—01.23.19—onto her World Cup boots. Christen raised her hands to the sky after scoring a header in the semifinal matchup with England. She remarked, “I was thinking of my mum,” following the game.

Cody remarked that Stacy would have adored the accomplishment.

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