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Carissa Moore

Carissa Moore won the first Olympic gold medal for women’s surfing ten years after she became the sport’s youngest ever world champion. Moore and South African Bianca Buitendag had the perfect setting for their matchup against one another: a sky full of rainbows. Bianca lost to Carissa because Carissa had more waves to ride.

Moore learned to surf on the Hawaiian island of Waikiki. She became known as a surfing prodigy after winning 11 NSSA amateur championships. Carissa advanced quickly, and in 2011 she defeated Sally Fitzgibbons of Australia to win the title of youngest-ever world champion surfer. In 2013, 2015, and 2019, Carissa repeated her success.

Where was Carissa Moore born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family

Chris Moore and Carol Lum welcomed Carissa Moore into the world on August 27, 1992, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Chris, a competitive open-water swimmer, introduced Moore to surfing as a way of expressing his love for the ocean.

Moore was enamored with it, and the two quickly began surfing before and after school. When I was around four or five years old, my dad taught me how to surf at Waikiki Beach, and I was instantly captivated, Moore writes on her blog.

Carissa revealed to Redbull that Chris encouraged her to develop a love of surfing so they could remain close. Moore claimed,

He wanted to find a means to keep me at home.”

“I wouldn’t relocate very far if I fell in love with the water.”

Carissa Moore clashed with her mom after her parents divorced

Carissa was 10 when Chris and Carol split, and she regrettably had to relocate. Because Carol relocated to a landlocked region, Carissa was unable to swim when she visited her mother. When I was with my mother, I didn’t surf, Carissa admitted.

Soon, Moore’s resentment overcame her and she lost her temper with Carol.

In particular, during high school, Moore and I had disagreements, and for two years, we seldom spoke to one another, Moore said to Surfer.

Thankfully, Moore and Carol were able to mend their fences and are now friendly. “I’m incredibly grateful for everything she’s done for me,” Carissa concluded. She taught me to be tough and to fight for what I want. Our relationship is at its best right now.

Carissa Moore credits her dad for pushing her to surf success

When Moore visited her father in Hawaii, she surfed as much as she could. Carissa told him she wanted to be a world champion when she was 12 years old.

Carissa said Red Bull, “I recall talking with my dad on a drive home from the beach. I said, “I want to be the best in the world,” to him.

Moore’s mentor and occasionally sharpest critic was Chris. Chris detailed how he once scolded Carissa so severely in the book First Priority that she contemplated giving up surfing. Chris was not pleased with Carissa’s strategies because she had lost a surf competition.

On the North Shore of Oahu, Chris writes, “We’re in the center of a store.”

Carissa is in tears. She desires to stop. Almost all my fault. Chris changed his strategy as he saw Carissa ride the waves to victory in the World Championship.

Chris was Carissa’s assistant and coach. He helped Carissa get ready for events by reheating hot packs for her feet for cold-water activities, as detailed in the book. He also gave her advice on where she should train for various events. Carissa lavished her father with admiration during her interview with Surfer:

“He sees the larger picture. He has had a significant impact on my training and is extremely intelligent and strategic. He helps me maintain my composure and encourages me to take time off when it’s necessary. When you get to know him, he has a great sense of humor as well, despite how serious he appeared to be while on the beach.

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