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What Is Yodeling Kid Doing Now?

Yodeling Kid

Yodeling Kid, also known as Mason Ramsey, was the most popular YouTuber of 2018. Ramsey might be seen yodeling Hank Williams’ Lovesick Blues in the popular video. The 11-year-old displayed his singing prowess, earning himself the name Lil Hank Williams and a deal with Big Loud while sporting a bow tie and black boots.

Before he became famous online, Ramsey had never made a studio recording of a song. Nevertheless, he got right to work in the booth, producing singles like Yo Da Lady Who and Twang. When Ramsey and Lil Nas X performed Old Town Road at the 2020 Grammy Awards, it marked the apex of his fledgling career.

What Is Yodeling Kid Doing Now?

Ramsey appears to have preferred basketball to music. The most recent image posted on Mason Ramsey’s Instagram account at the time of writing depicts the 14-year-old sitting on a basketball. Ramsey appears to have given the game precedence over the music.

Mason believes he is quite excellent at it, but we have no idea how good he is. Videos from the boy’s Instagram Stories account from almost four years ago demonstrate his talent.

He admitted to Ernest in early 2021 that he likens himself to Kevin Durant. Although he is not on Durant’s level, he can see how he will get there.

Mason Blake takes the place of Mason Ramsey on the court, according to Ramsey. His middle name is Blake. Mason was portrayed as someone looking for a new musical path in the podcast discussion with Ernest. While he is interested in discovering new musical styles, he hasn’t given up on yodeling.

Yodeling Kid cited Elvis Presley, a rock and roll icon (yet another extremely high standard), as an influence. He was even quite good at singing some of Elvis’ hits.

Kid starred in a bizarre 2020 ad about cows’ Contribution to Climate Change

Ramsey hasn’t had a hit single since going on hiatus in 2019. His brilliance is still there, his contagious personality has only grown, and his ambition knows no bounds.

Yodeling kid won’t be forgotten anytime soon, for sure. In a strange 2020 commercial on cows’ role in climate change, Yodeling Kid had the lead role.

It’s not exactly accurate to say that Mason Ramsey hasn’t released a song since as stated above. Ramsay has only had one song released since 2019 if you count the song on his 2020 Burger King commercial as a release.

The video’s lyrics were described as bizarre by Ernest. However, they were instructive since they discussed the warming effect of methane in cow farts. Mason sang, “And pollutes the globe, warming me and you.”

Before rising into space, he sang while farting like a cow while wearing a white suit. Ramsay and other children offered lemongrass, which, when fed to cows, cuts methane emissions “by more than a third,” as the cows farted.

Even though the video is strange, it conveys a crucial lesson.

“I’m grateful to Burger King for allowing me to speak for all the young people who are eager to build a brighter future. Yeehaw!” In an Instagram post, Ramsay.

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