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What Is Fred Durst Doing Now?

Fred Durst

Fred Durst gained notoriety as the lead singer of the band Limp Bizkit. Before agreeing to a contract with Flip Records in 1997, the band first rose to prominence in the underground music community. Although Limp Bizkit’s debut album received little attention, it gave Fred and his comrades more visibility.

Significant Other, Chocolate Starfish, and Hot Dog Flavored Water all achieved mainstream success.2011 saw the band’s sixth and most recent album, Gold Cobra, be released. Since then, Durst has devoted himself to directing and producing movies.

Fred Durst is set to tour with Limp Bizkit from July to August 2021

Limp Bizkit is getting ready to embark on a US tour with Fred Durst ten years after releasing Gold Cobra. The tour will launch on July 29, 2021, in Chicago, and wrap up on August 24, 2021, in Los Angeles.

Stampede of the Disco Elephants will be the title of Limp Bizkit’s seventh album, which has been promised for a while. Wes Borland, the band’s guitarist, confirmed to Drinks with Johnny’s Johnny Christ that the record is still in production. Borland claims that the band has finished recording, but Fred has not yet added his vocals.

Fred has consistently expressed some dissatisfaction with the direction of the vision, according to Borland. According to Borland, Durst will shortly contribute lyrics. He stated:

“I believe Durst has reached the stage where he will choose a group of songs that he is now comfortable with and finish them, and we will complete a record. Stampede of the Disco Elephants won’t likely be the name by then. I’ll declare without a doubt that the music and riffs are the best things I’ve ever created as a musician.

Fans of Limp Bizkit consequently have a reason to be thrilled. The record will be released as soon as Fred turns in vocals that he is happy with.

Borland also discussed how his once tumultuous relationship with Fred was improving. Borland momentarily departed the band before they found mainstream popularity because of a conflict with Fred. Says Wes

He and I get along really well. Over the years, our relationship was turbulent, but it simply required some time for us to mature as individuals. Being in a family is similar to this, and families don’t always get along. But since you’re all in this together, you must figure it out.

Fred Durst’s latest obsession appears to be creating TikTok videos

Even now, Fred Durst is in style. On TikTok, Fred has amusing videos often for his 150k+ fans. Perhaps the last person you would expect to be making humorous sketches for TikTok is Durst. He seemed to be having fun with it, and some of the films are funny.

Fred’s attempt to produce and direct movies hasn’t been successful. In 2001’s Zoolander, when he played himself, Fred made his movie debut. He made a second appearance as himself in Pauly Shore is Dead two years later. Fred Durst was cast in the lead role of Depute Bobby Caine in Population 436 in 2006.

He debuted as a director in 2007 with The Education of Charlie Banks. He collaborated with Ice Cube and Keke Palmer on The Longshots a year later. After the June 2011 release of Gold Cobra by Limp Bizkit, he devoted himself to production work.

Fred started directing The Fanatic in February 2018. John Travolta gave a powerful performance, yet the movie received mostly unfavorable reviews. Due to his work on The Fanatic, Fred was nominated for a Golden Raspberry Award in 2020 under the category of Worst Director.

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