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What happened To Property Brothers’ Jonathan Scott Where Is He Now

Property Brothers' Jonathan Scott

According to speculations, the Property Brothers’ Jonathan Scott perished in a terrible vehicle accident in 2022.

People started to wonder what happened to the Property Brothers after hearing about the family’s devastating loss on the internet. Many others have also assumed that the accident occurred on the job site and not in a car.

Jonathan Scott is a producer of television shows, a builder, an illusionist, and a reality television personality.

He is most recognized for his role as Drew’s twin brother’s co-host on the TV show “Property Brothers.”

With the creation of the program’s spin-off shows, such as “Buying and Selling,” “Brother Vs. Brother,” “Forever Homes,” and “Property Brothers: At Home,” the two brothers have found success.

In addition, Scott is the executive producer and co-founder of Scott Brothers Entertainment.

\What happened to Property Brothers’ Jonathan Scott?

According to reports, Jonathan Scott from Property Brothers was involved in a fatal car accident in 2022.

After the news leaked out, many of the show’s followers were devastated and perplexed. There is a chance that the host was hurt while doing renovations at his house, but neither his family nor his fiancée has made any claims to that effect.

When they went on a trip together, Jonathan Scott uploaded a throwback photo with his image ( Source: Instagram )
The TV celebrity appears to be doing well based on his Instagram and other social media activities. He and his brother, Drew, frequently appear together both on the show and off it.

His most recent Instagram post features an old photo of him and his girlfriend. He has also uploaded further pictures of himself promoting his HGTV program.

Despite this, several false obituaries have circulated online, some of which assert that he has died. Jonathan Scott is still alive and doing quite well for himself as of 2022.

Zooey Deschanel, his girlfriend, his brothers, or other family members have commented on the incident or the host’s injuries. Therefore, it appears to be mere rumors at this stage with no foundation or evidence.

Jonathan Scott: Where Is He Now?

At the moment, Jonathan Scott is in Toronto, Canada, promoting his forthcoming HGTV series, Celebrity IOU.

He and his brother play Property Brothers on the show alongside eight other A-listers as they attempt to remodel homes.

Jonathan travels extensively for both business and pleasure. The majority of his trips are to the United States.

He is Canadian by birth, and his work with HGTV necessitates frequent trips from Canada to the United States.

Scott and his twin brother Drew thus continue to live in both nations.

The Scott siblings have immaculate properties in both Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

They are now a familiar face in nations across North America thanks to their HGTV fame. Scott was raised in England despite being born in Vancouver, British Columbia.

He has traveled much since he was a little child and is familiar with a wide range of countries and ways of life.

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