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Latarian Milton

Latarian Milton is most known as a juvenile criminal who, at the age of seven, stole his grandmother’s truck and went on a road rage rampage through Palm Beach, Florida, causing extensive property damage. He is also known by the moniker ‘Hood Rat Kid.’

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Latarian Milton’s net worth is unknown as of early 2020, although given his current circumstances, it’s extremely likely to be nothing.

Where was Latarian Milton born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

Latarian was born on September 30, 2000, in Palm Beach, Florida, USA, under the sign of Virgo, and is of American nationality and African-American ancestry. His mother, Sheneequa, gave birth to him when she was only 16 years old, therefore he was nurtured mostly by his grandmother, Zikkita Stratford. He graduated from John F. Kennedy Middle School in Riviera Beach, Florida, in June 2015.

‘Hood Rat’ Material

Young Latarian shot to fame in April 2008, when he took his grandmother’s Dodge Durango on a ‘joyride’ around the streets of Palm Beach with a friend.

The conclusion of two seven-year-olds cruising in an SUV resulted in substantial damage to several assets – the boys “went over two mailboxes, hit two parked automobiles in a Costco parking lot, and impacted two moving cars near a Wal-Mart,” according to later media reports.

During the post-accident coverage by West Palm Beach News Station WPBF, Latarian stated that he was angry at his mother, who is a chain smoker, and that all he wanted to do was smoke cigarettes and do “hood rat” stuff with a friend, claiming that he “wants to do it because it’s fun, fun to do bad things.”

The video went viral almost instantly, boosting Milton to an online phenomenon and producing a plethora of memes due to his somewhat distinct yet weird style of explaining and justifying his actions.

It also sparked a slew of mash-ups and remixes, all of which featured his notorious statement, earning him the title “hood rat.”

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“The Outback”

This entire adventure inspired an episode of the TV adult animated action-comedy series “The Boondocks,” titled “Smokin with Cigarettes,” in which the main protagonist is Lamilton Taeshawn, a parodic imaginary sociopath and nasty adolescent based mostly on Latarian Milton.

“Again, Latarian Milton strikes!”

Just two months after the aforementioned joyride in June 2008, Latarian drew the attention of the media once more, this time for hitting his grandma in Lake Park Wal-Mart for refusing to buy him some chicken wings.’ After being taken to jail, he was transferred to a hospital for a mental evaluation.

What happened to Latarian?

Although he began his secondary education with plans to get his life in order, join the school’s American Football team, and then continue his education by studying engineering or maybe joining the US Navy, Milton proved everyone wrong.

He ordered a Lyft trip with a handful of buddies in August 2017 and afterward robbed the driver, pushed him out of the car, and drove away.

He was caught and charged with carjacking and robbery, and after numerous court appearances, he was transferred to a juvenile correctional facility. As of 2019, he is still imprisoned, awaiting the final verdict, which might result in a 15-year prison sentence.

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