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What Gender Does Alex Newell Identify As?

Alex Newell

Alex Newell is an American singer and actor best known for his part in the Fox musical series Glee.’ In addition, they appeared in the Broadway revival of ‘Once on This Island.’ Alex is a well-known name in the theatre sector, and they have also built a reputation for themselves in the music industry.

While Alex’s film and television credits are limited, their musical credits are in the dozens. However, in this essay, we will move away from Alex’s professional life and focus on their personal life.

We’ll talk about Alex Newell’s gender, boyfriend, sexuality, and everything else.

Alex Newell identifies as what gender?

Alex Newell is an openly gay personality, and several websites identify him as such. However, in May of 2020, Alex disclosed that they identify as gender nonconforming, also known as genderfluid.

To those of our readers who are unfamiliar with the phrase, a gender-fluid person is someone who does not identify as any one gender. People usually refer to themselves as male or female, however, many people are uncomfortable with being assigned a gender.

So we have the phrase genderfluid. Alex does not identify as either male or female, hence they identify as gender-fluid. As a result, we must understand what pronoun they use.

Alex has said that they use all pronouns, so he/him, she/her, they/them, and the many other pronouns that individuals use can also be used for Alex.

However, in this essay, we will use the pronoun they/them. Let us now go into their personal lives. When we say in-depth, we’re referring to their relationship and dating life.

Is Alex Newell dating anyone?

We would consider having a boyfriend for someone as lovely and appealing as Alex, Newell. And boy, were we correct! Alex has been seeing their long-term boyfriend, Zake Thomas, but the couple has kept their relationship private.

Although the two have kept much of their connection private, Alex has revealed a few details about it to the public. Alex claimed in 2017 that no one had called them gorgeous till they met their girlfriend.

“I was constantly insecure about it.”
It was quite difficult to break free from that.
However, here I am.
I’ve overcome it.
Regardless, he always thought I was gorgeous.
It’s difficult to hear because no one else has spoken it.”

In terms of Alex’s previous relationships, they were once involved with a man who goes by the Twitter handle JCshoes. In a tweet, they confessed that their lover at the time was the only person who understood them.

The relationship may not have worked out for whatever reason, but it appears that Alex has found the ideal one for them. The duo does not appear to be shocking us with any split news. The two are still very much together and were pictured together during an event in November 2021.

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