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What Ethnicity Is Valkyrae? Everything About Her Parents


Valkyrae, An American video game caster named Rachel Hofstetter has 1.89 million YouTube subscribers under the nickname. It’s a remarkable accomplishment for someone who only recently began streaming for fun. Before agreeing to a contract with YouTube to show all of her content there, Valkyrae established herself on Twitch.

Before moving to YouTube, Rachel had joined the 100 Thieves esports team as the first female gamer and content creator. Being the fastest-growing live streamer in the world, according to YouTube CEO Ryan Wyatt, Rachel’s shift to the platform has been a resounding success.

Where was Valkyrae born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family

Valkyrae was born on January 8, 1992, to a Filipino mother and a German father in Washington, D.C. She shared a brother with whom she grew up who sadly perished by suicide. On January 3, 2018, Valkyrae disclosed in a tweet that her father had always felt responsible for his son’s suicide. She penned:

“My brother took his own life. claimed to be going hunting but instead shot himself. My father has always felt bad about it. Until he passed away, he would confide in me when intoxicated.

Valkyrie’s father passed away following a grueling cancer fight

In April 2017 Valkyrae’s father passed away following a grueling cancer fight. The streamer admitted on Instagram that while she had known the illness would eventually claim her father, she had not been ready for the moment he passed away. She did, however, express relief that her father was now free of suffering and that he could now rest in peace. On Instagram, Valkyrae wrote:

“Dad, you are extremely missed and loved by me. Finally, the ache is gone. Caregiving for him in his final weeks was the most difficult experience of the past year. I wasn’t ready when he breathed his final breath. However, there will be no more suffering, perplexity, or misery. In peace, please.

Valkyrae was motivated to negotiate an exclusive contract with YouTube

Valkyrae was motivated to negotiate an exclusive contract with YouTube because she needed to help her mother. Soon after gaming proved lucrative for Valkyrae, she began catering to her mother. She admitted to paying off her mother’s debt and assisting with the funding of her business in an interview with Business Insider in 2018.

Valkyrae disclosed that she signed a contract with YouTube in late January 2020 to make sure she would have enough money to continue taking care of her pricey mother. A player said:

About two years ago, my mother lost her job, and I have been responsible for taking care of her ever since. She is completely reliant on us as we renovate the house in the Philippines. The house in Washington, which is where I grew up, was finished with renovations. She isn’t cheap, as you well know.

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