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What Does Keegan Hawk Do Now?

Keegan Haw

Keegan Hawk is the son of Tony Hawk. Tony is a professional skateboarder, entrepreneur, and the owner of the Birdhouse skateboard company. He is Hawk’s father. He is sometimes referred to as the father of contemporary vertical skateboarding. The father of Keegan is widely regarded as one of the most influential skateboarders in history.

While Tony’s eldest kid has followed in his father’s footsteps, Keegan looks to be focusing on something other than skateboarding.

What are his current passions? What does he do? Does he continue to reside with his parents? How far along has he advanced in his career? Discover these and further information about Keegan Hawk in the section below.

As a child, Keegan Hawk enjoyed playing Minecraft and Spore

Keegan Hawk was born on July 17, 2001, in San Diego, California. He attended a private institution of education. As a child, it was difficult for him to make friends at school because everyone wanted to talk to him so they could meet his father.

Hawk is the child of Tony and his ex-wife Erin. His brother is Spencer Hawk, his half-brothers are Riley and Hudson, and his half-sister is Kadence Clover Hawk.

Keegan started skating as a young child. In an interview, he claimed, “there was never a distinct moment when I began skating; it was always a part of my life.”

Always in his backyard, he had a skate park. At the age of five, the young man recalls his father and his friends constructing him a piñata.

He also mentioned that he played Minecraft frequently as a child. In his early twenties, Keegan rediscovered the life simulation real-time strategy God game spore and became a fan. He played Runescape as a child and is a fan of Ice Poseidon.

What is Keegan Hawk Currently Doing?

Keegan initially appeared determined to follow in his father’s footsteps. He, on the other hand, has scarcely pursued his passion in a competitive spectrum, although there are numerous films in which he appears to be quite serious about the wheel business.

He favors ordinary ground features like ledges and rails, but may occasionally ride the large ramp.

In addition to skateboarding and photography, he enjoys a number of other sports. Fans have frequently observed him skateboarding with his father and close pals.

As demonstrated by his social media posts, he looks to be concentrating more on his photography talents right now. He resides in Seattle, Washington, and San Diego, California.

In his freshman year of high school, Keegan was reportedly studying photography at a college in Seattle in January 2020. Landscape photography is his specialty, but he used to do a lot of digital imagery due to his extensive travel.

Keegan is also learning film photography fundamentals. He indicated to the Misfits that he may attempt to develop a solid portfolio in photography so that he can earn a career from it.

He is currently rediscovering old faves such as Scooby-Doo and We Sports Resorts. Additionally, he enjoys mountain climbing and considers himself an accomplished climber. Keegan is a major lover of Iceland.

Tony Hawk, the Father of Keegan Hawk

Keegan’s father, Tony Hawk, had a “hyperactive” temperament as a boy, according to his mother, and he was “very hard on himself and expected so much of himself.” In baseball, the father of four once struck out. As a result of his distress, he hid in a ravine, and his father had to “physically coax him out.”

The intensity of Hawk’s discontent with himself prompted his parents to have him evaluated psychologically. The school counselors urged Tony to enroll in advanced programs due to his IQ of 144.

His parents permitted him to skateboard so that he could expend his excessive energy. At the age of 14, Tony, Keegan’s father, improved his abilities and became a professional skateboarder.

He became the National Skateboard Association’s world champion for 12 consecutive years, and he purchased his first home before graduating from high school.

Why Did Keegan Hawk’s Parents Divorce?

Erin and Tony, the parents of Keegan, were wed in 1996 and divorced in 2004. In April 2020, Hawk’s businessman father revealed that his son’s jet-setting career was the primary cause of every breakup, including with Erin.

The most challenging component of his relationships, he said, was still traveling and prioritizing his time, but he acknowledged that each marriage was still very different.’ Hawk also cited his past actions as one of the variables he currently asserts he has control over.

The 53-year-old man particularly asserted that his travel duties led to the dissolution of his marriage to Erin.

Keegan Hawk’s Siblings

Riley, Keegan’s older brother, used to make stoner rock in his garage and, like all white, adolescent Americans, he was afraid of big-booty video females. Unlike other privileged stoner youths, he used to engage in activities. This occurred in June 2013.

Riley even abandoned his father’s company, Birdhouse, in order to display his independence by riding for Baker. In the early 2010s, Keegan’s older brother and his friends would jam and create rock music in their father’s garage. He, on the other hand, had no intention of turning the band professional.

Hudson Since then, professional street skater Riley Hawk, now 28 years old, has gone a long way. Tony, the eldest child, turned 21 in December 2013 and entered the workforce.

On the same day, he was crowned the 2013 Amateur of the Year by Skateboarder Magazine. He is sponsored by corporations including Baker and Lakai.

Riley, Keegan’s half-brother, has appeared in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5, and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2.

Spencer and Keegan were Tony’s boys from his relationship with his ex-wife, Erin. Spencer, the older brother of Keegan, produces electronic music under the stage name Gupi.

After ending his relationship with Keegan’s mother, the multiple X Games champion wed Lhotse Merriam. During this relationship, Tony gave birth to his sole daughter, Kadence Clover Hawk, who is now 12 years old.

The former athlete is now married to the actress Cathy Goodman, who has two children from a previous relationship.

Keegan Hawk Found His Father’s Confidential Tape

Keegan and his athlete father shared a humorous story. The son reportedly discovered his father’s sex tape in 2018. At the time, Keegan was 17 years old, and his father was out of town.

In search of a phone charger, he entered Tony’s room. Instead, he observed a peculiar yellow glow rising from the top of the dresser. After a time of searching, he noticed a worn VHS tape drifting around.

What Keegan believed to be his father’s skateboard video was a complete surprise. In fact, he invited his pals to view the VHS with him.

However, he was stunned when he listened to the tape and realized that it was about his father engaging in adultery with a number of women.

The Birdman incident spread like wildfire on social media shortly thereafter. Tony was in England for a series of commercial engagements at the time. When he discovered his son’s findings, he was stunned.

Keegan Hawk made his appearance on Family Feud

Keegan, his famous father Tony, and the rest of the family participated in Family Feud with Steve Harvey. Keegan, who was fourteen at the time, scored 71 points during a portion of Fast Money. After teaming up with his father, he subsequently won a $25,000 award.

Tony and his son Keegan spend considerable time together on a regular basis. They appreciate surfing, skiing, rock climbing, and skating, of course.

Keegan Hawk Severed His Index Finger (Right Hand)

Similar to his father, Keegan was brought to the emergency room after suffering a skateboard-related injury. In 2018, Hawk’s third child severed the tip of his index finger.

During a stunt, the freshman slid backward and sat on his board with his hand underneath it. According to Keegan, the doctor reattached his finger, but the area remains numb.

The 20-year-old also described another event in which he injured his toe, which went blue for four months. “Eventually,” he explained, “the nail slipped off.”

Keegan Hawk Scared His Father Well. Tony Hawk, a seasoned skateboarder, revealed in May 2010 that one of his children gave him the scare of a lifetime when he was two years old.

Hawk remembered exiting his home office to discover his 2-year-old son Keegan dancing on a chair.

Additionally, Hawk indicated that he was holding an ice pick and a kitchen knife. He had a lightbulb in his mouth. The chair was positioned atop the kitchen counter, and he was standing on it.

The father of four asserted that parenting is the ultimate form of action sport. And he is knowledgeable in action sports. Riley, his oldest child, has also fractured both elbows twice.

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