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Wanda Hutchins : The Fabulous Life Of Hollywood Wife

Wanda Hutchins

Wanda Hutchins is more than just the ‘ex-wife’ of football player Michael Strahan. She is an interior designer, an entrepreneur, the CEO of a company, and a loving mother of three children.

Quick Biography

Michael Strahan and Wanda Hutchin

Hutchins and Michael Strahan’s romance piqued the media’s curiosity, leading them to follow the pair for four years, documenting every facet of their lives.

When she was only 22 years old, an old-school romance led to her marriage. They migrated to the United States and began their lives. However, after having two lovely children, the couple realized that their marriage couldn’t go any farther. As a result, after four years of inseparability, the couple divorced.

While the media may have enjoyed the dramas, the divorce would have occurred. The two parents handled the situation with maturity. After the publishing of Michael Strahan’s memoirs, the world saw how well these two managed their breakup.

He wrote in his memoirs,

“Wanda and I determined that even though we were no longer married, we would always remain family.”

TWanda Hutchins and Michael Strahan are the perfect examples of how not every divorce has to be unpleasant, and thanks to both of them for handling it so well.

Priority is given to children.

Hutchins has lived her life away from the spotlight in Germany. She has decided to devote her time to her children and may be seen hanging out and having fun with them. Her partner fathered another son to the mother of three.

However, the identity of her third child’s father has not yet been revealed. The 51-year-old has dedicated her time and energy to raising her children and judging by their achievements, she did an excellent job. We give this wonderful mother our whole appreciation.

Hutchins has several other furry children. The majority of her posts feature her adorable pets, and we can’t get enough of them.

We know how the mother of more than three’ keeps herself occupied based on her Instagram posts.

More Than Just an “Ex-Wife”

Most media sites have labeled this great mother as “Ex-Wife.” Hutchins may have taken time off from work to raise her children, but she has never ceased working professionally.

Hutchins currently runs “Wandaful Home Designs,” a company that specializes in manufacturing furniture and home design products out of wood or refurbishing existing things. Hutchins is the brand’s CEO and also works as an Interior Designer on the projects.

She formerly worked as a vice president for a charity company that provides home appliances, furniture, and other necessities. With all of these skills at her disposal, we wish her the best in her personal and professional endeavors and extend her our love.

The 51-year-old is currently living in Germany with her gifted children, away from the paparazzi, glitz, and glamour of Hollywood.

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