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“Very proud” Of Hamza Yassin’s Wellingborough School On Strictly Come Dancing

Hamza Yassin

The glitterball award was won on Saturday by BBC wildlife broadcaster Hamza Yassin, 32, who attended the prestigious Wellingborough School in Northamptonshire from 2004 to 2008.

His previous school has stated that his influence on its students has been “tremendous,” according to 2022 Strictly Come Dancing winner.

He was a “legend,” according to head teacher Andrew Holman, and the school was “extremely proud.”

Without the school, Yassin previously declared that he “would be nowhere.”

According to the school’s website, Yassin initially studied for a medical degree after leaving, then changed to zoology. She then read for a master’s degree in biological photography and imaging.

He appeared on shows including Animal Park, Countryfile, and Springwatch as one of Britain’s up-and-coming wildlife photographers before being asked to host his program on the CBeebies channel, Let’s Go For A Walk, in which Ranger Hamza leads kids on outings.

In December 2019, he traveled to Antarctica to film for a new season of Sir David Attenborough’s The Frozen Planet. He now resides in a remote area of the west Scottish mainland.

Before participating in the BBC’s 14-week entertainment show, Yassin had never taken dancing classes. She defeated Molly Rainford, Fleur East, and Helen Skelton in the final, and viewers cheered her on as she improved.

What you saw on TV is what he was like, according to Mr. Holman, who started working at the school in 2018. He claimed to have spoken to a few staff members who knew him.

He described him as “extremely grounded, very rounded, and wearing his emotions on his sleeve.”

Hamza was relatively new to the area because his family had just recently relocated there from Sudan, but he soon adjusted and was eager to get involved, as evidenced by his performance on Strictly, of which we are proud.

He claimed that the former student had demonstrated what they try to instill in their students daily.

In the last three months, he continued, “we’ve seen what we always say: imagine big, think what you can do, and give it a go. You never know what will happen.”

It all comes down to keeping a positive outlook.

The head of the school continued by saying that Hamza had been a “great inspiration” to the institution and that everyone was thrilled to learn that he had once traversed its halls and classrooms.

As a student here, he added,

“There are so many inspiring people, but seeing someone who has come from where they are and has a career that they enjoy and additional strings to their bow, it’s just fantastic.”

“There isn’t a better role model out there.

“They claim that “you can’t be what you can’t see,” but in this case, “you can be what you can see,” and the students conclude that “that might be me.”

“Learning to dance that well in just three months is an enormous accomplishment and will be the topic of many head teacher assemblies.”

It was now their “ultimate desire,” he continued, for Yassin to attend their summer school award ceremony.

Everyone wants a little bit of Hamza right now, but we’ve been praising him frequently on social media throughout the series and to cheer him up before the final, so who knows?

Unusually, the school can claim two Strictly contestants because the Reverend Richard Coles, a former student who competed in 2017, attended the school in the 1980s.

The former Communard, who had less success than Hamza, was the second famous person eliminated that year.

Mr. Holman believes they are likely the only mainstream school to make that claim, outside of stage schools, but he is open to being proven wrong.

“It’s not typically something that a school would celebrate, but it demonstrates our students’ inventiveness and ability to think creatively outside the box,” he added.

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