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Vegan Gains

Vegan Gains

Vegan Gains- Biography

Vegan Gains is a vegan activist and YouTube celebrity from Canada. Furthermore, he is well-known for his excellent videos on vegetarian diet and bodybuilding. He rose to prominence as a bodybuilder and now advocates for veganism.

Furthermore, he has a problematic attitude and demeanor toward people in general. Apart from that, he is a married man, and she is an interesting vegan.

What is the Net Worth of Vegan Gains? Salary, Earnings

Vegan activist, bodybuilder, and YouTube star, 28 years old, may have made a good living from his vocation. Furthermore, like Karuna Sartori and Moo Snuckel, his net worth is likely to be in the $300,000 range right now. According to SocialBlade, his Vegan Gains channel earns $215-$3.4K per month and $2.6K-$41.3K per year.

In addition, his wife, Jasmine Gaines, has her own YouTube channel, so she may earn some money for their living expenses. He is also a bodybuilder trainer, which could help him make money. With such a high income, the pair may be living a wonderful life together.

Vegan Gains- Birth, Age, Ethnicity, Siblings, Education

Vegan Gains was born in Canada on June 26, 1991, as Richard Burgess. He grew up in Canada with a family. Similarly, he has Canadian citizenship and is of African-Canadian descent. However, in 2015, he posted a video of his grandfather having a heart attack. Vegan was using film to raise awareness about how harmful it is to eat meat. He removed the video, however, owing to family pressure. However, they most likely graduated from high school in 2009.

Vegan Gains- Relationship, Married Life

In terms of his personal life, he is a married man. He married Jasmine Gaines, his long-term girlfriend turned wife. In November 2015, the pair tied the knot in Belgium. Furthermore, Jasmine is a vegan who maintains her own YouTube channel in addition to managing his. The couple met for the first time on Facebook in 2015, and after dating for a while, they married. The duo appears to be in love and frequently uploads videos of themselves to YouTube.

They are spending their free and enjoyable time together with no indication of separation or divorce. The pair, however, has no children from their marriage. Babies make them gag since they both despise children. As a result, he had a vasectomy to ensure that he would never have children in the future. However, the couple adores animals.

Vegan Gains- Professional Career

Vegan Gains began his career in 2014 when he launched his YouTube channel. In “Why a Bodybuilder Became Vegan?” he describes how he decided to become a vegan in 2011. He also says he became a vegan after watching a Facebook video by Gary Yourofsky, a lecturer and animal activist.

For the time being, he advocates and appreciates vegans. Furthermore, he admits that he loves animals but despises being injured by people. Furthermore, she frequently threatens those who eat meat with his video and raises awareness about what causes excessive meat consumption. As of now, he routinely posts videos about veganism and bodybuilding.

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