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Usman Khawaja | Aisha Rahil And Ayla Fozia Mishel, Wife Family

Usman Khawaja

Usman Khawaja children have always been a source of discussion, so learn more about them in this article.

Khawaja is a cricketer who has played for Australia. After making his debut in 2008, he played his first International match in 2011.

The cricketer was born in Pakistan and moved to Australia when he was five years old with his parents. As a result, he has played in the Indian Premier League and the Pakistan Super League.

After making his debut in the 2010-11 season, Khawaja became the first Australian of Pakistani heritage to represent Australia in cricket.

His personal and professional lives have both been called into question. As a result, this article will go into great length regarding his children, wife, and family.

Usman Khawaja is the father of two children, Aisha Rahil and Ayla Fozia Mishel.

Khawaja and his wife announced the birth of their second child in April 2022. They have been expecting Ayla Fozia Mishel for about nine months.

Their first child, Aisha Rahil Khawaja, was born on July 21, 2020. The couple frequently posts photos of their children on Instagram.

His wife and children were also present on his game day. Khawaja appears to have a wonderful bond with his children.

Although the couple frequently shares images of their children in public, more information has yet to be revealed. They appear to shield their children’s data from public scrutiny.

Meet Rechal McLellan, Usman Khawaja’s wife.

Khawaja and McLellan are happily married; on April 6, 2018, they exchanged vows in front of their loved ones. Her home town is Brisbane.

The couple met in 2015, then on December 14, 2016, almost a year later, the player announced their engagement on Facebook.

Rechal had previously converted to Islam, and she made the decision on the day of their wedding. The couple seemed to have a wonderful relationship.

She has a marketing degree and enjoys traveling. As a result, she has supported her husband by accompanying him everywhere. She has always accompanied the Australian Cricket Team on tour.

Rechal has also collaborated with a number of well-known brands. She currently has over 85K Instagram followers. You can follow her on Instagram, where she goes by the handle rachelmkhawaja.

She has worked with brands such as Delonghi Coffee, Inigo Cosmetics, Glow Dreaming, Tommeetippee, and Happy Little Camper, among others.

Usman Khawaja’s Family Information

Usman Tariq Khawaja, also known as Usman Khawaja, is the son of Tariq Khawaja and Fozia Tariq.

Khajawa was born on December 18, 1986, in Islamabad, Pakistan, and his parents moved to Australia when he was five years old.

He is the youngest of three children raised by his two older brothers, Arsalan and Nauman Khawaja. They’re both married and have their own families now.

Khawaja was born into a prosperous family that has always supported his career. His parents were frequently present to assist him throughout his game time.

He began playing cricket in part with his brothers, and he has loved watching cricket since he was a child.

So, before beginning his playing career, he attended several international matches at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

Usman Khawaja Net Worth

Khawaja has been making money as an Australian cricket player since he began playing in 2008.

The player’s net worth is currently $2 million, according to the source. He has yet to publicly disclose his earnings.

However, according to the data, the starting compensation is $80,000, which includes worldwide tours and signing.

He was named Australian Under-19 Champion in 2005 and won the 2006 U-19 Cricket World Cup.

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