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Twitter Ban For Artist Kanye West: A Timeline Of His Failure

Kanye West

Although Kanye West has never shied away from stirring up controversy, some have found his recent outbursts against Jews to be too much.

He had contracts with some of the greatest brands in the world when October first began, and he was a multibillionaire musician and businessman.

Just two months later, most of those are no longer relevant.

And a T-shirt was the beginning of it all.

The third day of Paris Fashion Week in 2022

Kanye, who is now known as Ye, wore a t-shirt with the words “White Lives Matter” to his Yeezy SZN 9 concert.

Campaigners against racism denounce it as hate speech that makes fun of the Black Lives Matter movement.

A photo of Kanye smiling alongside Candace Owens, a conservative broadcaster, in a matching top, goes viral.

It doesn’t go down well, and he gets a lot of criticism from fans and other hip-hop celebrities.

7 October: Lockout on Instagram

Diddy, a rapper who posted a video criticizing the White Lives Matter shirts, gets into an argument with Kanye.

Kanye seems to imply that Jews are in charge of Diddy in an Instagram post. Ye’s account is suspended and he receives criticism for his antisemitism.

Adidas claims to be reevaluating its contract with Kanye.

Twitter for 48 hours, October 10

Kanye, who hasn’t tweeted in almost two years, returns to the bird and criticizes Facebook and Instagram founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Then he tweets something that appears to be a threat to Jews.

He is banned from Twitter, following Instagram’s example.

Interview with Tucker Carlson from October 11

An unaired video from a conversation with Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson is obtained by the website Vice.

According to the report, the rapper is heard making several antisemitic statements and repeating stereotypes about Jews in this unused footage.

Owing to Kanye’s alleged usage of hate speech, an episode of the YouTube discussion show The Shop: Uninterrupted featuring him is canceled due to “more hate speech.”

Kanye has openly discussed his struggles with his mental health since receiving a diagnosis of bipolar disorder many years ago.

However, those who have a similar illness as his have told the BBC that mental health issues and antisemitism do not coexist at the time this interview was canceled.

Brands retreat in the late October

Kanye is having a tough week as big businesses start to say they no longer want to collaborate with him.

Following JP Morgan bank and apparel retailer Gap in dumping the artist are fashion house Balenciaga and talent scouts Creative Artists Agency.

Adidas faces growing pressure to follow suit.

Adidas and billionaire status are goodbyes as of October 25

Adidas declares their breakup with Kanye.

By ending the partnership, Adidas will experience a £217 million net loss in 2022.

Kanye, meanwhile, who is expected to earn $1.5 billion from his contract with the sportswear company, suffers a greater loss.

His new net worth, according to US financial magazine Forbes, is $400 million.

The situation with Skechy – October 27

Kanye West was ejected from the Skechers offices after arriving “unannounced and uninvited,” according to the American shoe brand.

It denounces his prior views and states that it has no intention of working with him.

Adidas Scandal – November 22, 2013

The American magazine Rolling Stone published a lengthy piece alleging that West displayed “toxic” behavior with Adidas employees.

Although it declines to comment on the article, it says two days later that an investigation into the claims has been started.

Campaign for Ye 24 – November 25

Kanye declares his intention to run for president of the US in 2024.

Before this, rumors have it that he had dinner with far-right political analyst Nick Fuentes at Florida’s Mar-A-Lago golf club.

December Infowars and another Twitter ban

Kanye makes an appearance on Alex Jones’s Infowars, a conspiracy website.

Kanye West praises Nazi leader Adolf Hitler during the entire conversation while concealing his face and goes off on a diatribe about immorality, pornography, and the devil.

He is once again suspended from Twitter hours after the broadcast for “violating our rule against encouragement to violence.”

What Next?

It’s unlikely to be the end of the saga because Kanye is known for being unpredictable.

Fans continue to enjoy his music, and he has been in their yearly Spotify Wrapped and Apple Replay round-ups.

However, there are allegations of some users requesting that the biggest streaming services remove his songs.

Time will tell if he’ll still be in our top tracks next year, although fans have already informed Newsbeat they might think about skipping his music.

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