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Travis Henry | Related To Derrick Henry? Net Worth Difference

Travis Henry

Travis Henry is a former American football running back who spent seven seasons in the NFL after attending the University of Tennessee.

Derrick is a running back for the National Football League’s Tennessee Titans, also known as “King Henry.”

Travis last played football in 2008, yet he was a fantastic football player.

People who have been following both of them have assumed their relationship. Do you believe they are connected? Continue reading to find out what happens next.

Is Travis Henry related to Derrick Henry?

There is no way Derrick Henry could be linked to Travis Henry.

Both are football running backs, as we now know. Travis played until 2008, and Derrick is still playing.

Audiences are intrigued because they share the same surname and have followed similar career paths.

However, people are only related if they share the same surname. If they do not share a family member, their last name does not imply a blood tie.

Derrick is a Tennessee Titans player who was taken in the second round of the 2016 NFL Draft. Travis was drafted in the third round in 2006 by the Titans, the same franchise where he was drafted.

Travis spent nearly ten games with the Titans before being traded to the Denver Broncos.

They may know each other through professional connections, but they are not related by blood, despite sharing the same surname, Henry.

Derrick Henry’s Family Information

Stacy Veal and Derrick Henry Sr. gave birth to Henry. His parents only had them when they were 15 and 16 years old.

He never had his father around during his youth because he was incarcerated more than 20 times; he was also known as “Big D.”

Stacy, his mother, was a hemodialysis technician, and he was raised by his grandma.

As his mother worked, he spent much of his youth with his grandmother, Gladys, with whom he was very close.

When it comes to family, he and his girlfriend have a daughter named Valentina Allure Henry. He and his girlfriend, Adrianna Rivas, have been dating since 2016, but have yet to marry.

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Travis Henry’s Ancestors

Henry has not made public any information about his parents, but his parents have always supported his work.

Henry is now the father of 11 children, who he shares with ten women. More information on his children or their mother is required.

However, he is currently providing childcare for nine youngsters. He was arrested in Florida in MARCH 2009 and accused with failing to pay $16,600 in child support.

Derrick Henry and Travis Henry have different net worths.

Travis’ net worth is less than Derrick’s, who is currently playing for the NFL team.

According to the Source, the net worth of a former player is $850,000, while Derrick’s net worth is $3 million.

The Tennessee Titans signed Henry to a four-year, $5.40 million contract with a $2.13 million signing bonus.

Henry’s principal source of income is his playing career, although he may have other sources of income such as business and investment that have yet to be reported.

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