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Toto Cutugno Figli: Meet Figlio Nicolo Cutugno And Figlia

Toto Cutugno figli

Learn about Toto Cutugno, the renowned Italian musician, and his son, Nicolo Cutugno, from an adulterous relationship with Cristina.

Salvatore “Toto” Cutugno was a well-known Italian singer and composer who won the 1990 Eurovision Song Contest with “Insieme: 1992” and for his song “L’italiano.”

With the overused but very catchy song “L’Italiano,” he was the singer who conveyed ideas of Italian culture to millions of listeners in Europe and Russia.

Sadly, the artist passed away in San Raffaele Hospital in Milan at the age of 80. Many people are interested in learning more about his children, even though his family, fans, and the music business are grieving his loss.

In addition to being a renowned musician, Toto Cutugno was a devoted father to his child. Let’s get to know the late singer’s son and daughter in this little article.

Cutugno Toto Figli: Get to know Figlio Cutugno Nicolo and Figlia

As previously indicated, Nicolo Cutugno was the son of famous performer Toto Cutugno. Nico was born around the vicinity of 1989.

Toto Cutugno, who supposedly had an adulterous romance with Cristina, is the father of Nicolò Cutugno.

The singer was wed to Carla Cutugno, his spouse. He said in an interview that his wife supported him even after learning he had an extramarital kid.

The musician added that his legal husband could have ejected him from the residence while outlining the circumstances. However, she instructed him to address him as his son and use his last name.

The musician praised the lady who has been at his side throughout his life in the same interview, citing her huge heart and sharp mind.

In terms of Nicolo, he is in his early 30s and has already reached adulthood. Not much is known. Nico seems to like living his life out of the spotlight.

Still, the father-son team had to have been quite close. Nico must be succeeding professionally as well.

In a 2018 interview with Corriere della Sera, the late artist disclosed that Nico had an economics degree.

It’s unknown whether the singer and his lawful spouse—who likewise wants to stay out of the spotlight—have welcomed any children.

Examining Toto Cutugno’s Career

Sicilian parents gave birth to the renowned Italian singer Toto Cutugno in Tuscany. Cutugno created the famous song L’Italiano and won the 1990 Eurovision contest.

He had a deep love for music from an early age. According to reports, the singer took part in the Sanremo music festival 10 times, placing second six times and winning once.

He has written songs for singers such as Adriano Celentano and Dalida.

His most well-known song, L’Italiano, honored Italian identity and culture and became well-known across Europe and Russia.

The artist sang it with the Red Army choir in 2013.

Despite being diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2007, he made a full recovery and ended his musical career in 2019.

A wealth of musical and cultural heritage was left by Toto Cutugno. He composed songs that embraced the unification of Europe and the globe and encapsulated the spirit of Italy and its people.

Cutugno’s exquisite melodies and lyrics captivated millions of admirers and had a profound impact on several other musicians.

He was a maestro of the Sanremo music festival, where he spent many years showing off his skill and enthusiasm.

He was a fantastic musician, and his legacy will live on in the hearts of millions of people.

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