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Tiantian Kullander A Founder Of Crypto Passed Away At The Age Of 30

Tiantian Kullander

Co-founder of the cryptocurrency company Amber Group Tiantian Kullander passed away unexpectedly at the age of 30. His company announced the news in a formal statement on its website, saying that he passed away on Wednesday, November 23, while sleeping.

“Tiantian (or ‘TT,’ as he was affectionately known) was essential to Amber’s foundation and a pillar of our achievement. At every stage of the company’s development, he invested his entire heart and soul into it. He provided an excellent example with his wisdom, kindness, humility, devotion, and creativity.

In 2017, Tiantian Kullander and two financial executives from Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs Group co-founded the Amber Group. He had previously been a trader at the aforementioned companies.

Tiantian Kullander was highlighted in Forbes

Tiantian Kullander was recognized for co-founding the Amber Group, which includes some of the most remarkable young leaders and entrepreneurs, by being named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2019.

Additionally, he was listed in Asia Finance and Venture Capital. The cryptocurrency firm acquired a $3 billion valuation earlier in November following a $200 million fundraising round.

Additionally, it was said that Amber Group was in the process of raising roughly $100 million. In a lengthy statement, the company described him as “vital to the basis of Amber and a cornerstone of our success.”

“TT was a renowned thought leader who was widely regarded as a pioneer in the industry. Numerous start-ups and individuals benefited from his depth of knowledge, enthusiasm for interaction, and desire to always help others. His ideas and inventiveness served as an inspiration for several projects, people, and communities.

Tiantian Kullander was listed in the statement as serving on the board of directors for the e-sports group Fnatic in addition to being the co-founder of Amber Group.

Words are unable to express how we are feeling right now after losing a wonderful spouse and close friend in TT. As was TT’s intention and wish, we will continue to work even harder to make Amber the industry’s category-defining leader. TT was a devoted husband, a caring parent, and a passionate friend. His passing is tragic, and our thoughts are with his family.

A wife and a little child are left behind by Tiantian Kullander. His passing shocked many in the industry, including Arthur Cheong, the co-founder of DeFiance Capital, who paid him tribute on Twitter, according to the New York Post.

Only a few days have passed since the financial world was shocked by the passing of bitcoin billionaire Nikolai Mushegian. Tiantian Kullander. On October 29, Mushegian perished at sea while visiting Puerto Rico. He tweeted that the CIA and Mossad were looking for him and planning to kill him before he passed away.

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