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The Truth About Maria Elizondo And Her Relationship With Vinny

Maria Elizondo

Maria Elizondo has made appearances in the movies Are You the One? and Double Shot at Love. On Are You the One, Elizondo didn’t get a lot of screen time. but it was enough for her to win over the hearts of the crowd.

On the MTV hit Double Shot at Love, Elizondo is one of the most adored stars. She now has 335K Instagram followers as a result of her presence on the program. She also has a 20K subscriber YouTube channel with the same name.

Is Maria Elizondo Single? Relationship

Maria Elizondo
Maria Elizondo With Vinny [Source:]
Vinny and Elizondo are dating, but they are hesitant to become serious. The uneasy romance between Vinny and Elizondo began in the first season of Double Shot at Love. Despite their chemistry, Vinny was hesitant to get involved with Maria because of her closed-off nature. Vinny consequently decided to fire Elizondo:

“You’re amusing and possibly one of the most intriguing individuals I’ve ever met in my life when you get out of the way. Maria, your cab is here, much to my dismay.

Vinny’s decision to end their relationship did not sit well with Elizondo. Elizondo vented her anger on Twitter, and when Double Shot at Love returned for season 2, she made no remorse for her behavior. She said to Vinny, “I feel like I shouldn’t have to be the first one to [express my regret] to you in that regard.

Nevertheless, they made up, hugged each other, and had sex. Maria and Vinny may not have started dating, but Elizondo’s behavior at a group meal in Miami implied that she has strong feelings for Vinny. Vinny ran across Olivia, a bottle girl he had hooked up with on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, at the dinner.

Maria Elizondo decided to stake out her position

She decided to stake out her position because she didn’t feel at ease with Olivia hanging out with Vinny. Maria declared, “I’m going to be a bit flirty in front of Olivia.” By grinding on Vinny, Maria demonstrated her authority and made it clear that she won’t stand for other women flirting with her guy.

The most recent Double Shot at Love date between Maria and Vinny proved their relationship. The couple appeared to be comfortable with each other and discussed personal details about their life, which exceeded Maria and Vinny’s expectations for the date.

The couple consented to begin dating, but they steadfastly resisted calling their union a partnership. Although Maria and Vinny are dating, they are not yet ready to use the terms “boyfriend” and “girlfriend.”

As soon as Maria learned that her considerably older boyfriend was cheating on her, she applied for reality television.

Maria had a relationship with a man who was thirteen years older than her before her time on reality television. After a drunken hookup, the couple, who had met at work, became friends and began dating. Although Maria wasn’t bothered by the age gap, she did let her mother and friends know that it was only nine years. Elizondo provided the following explanation in a January 2019 YouTube video:

“I would take advantage of any opportunity I had; I would simply spend the night there, and he would always be so willing to be there for me and offer it to me… You would think that it’s stuff that people do for the people that they want to be with. You don’t believe that everyone benefits from what you do.

Maria Elizondo’s boss sexually attacked her, and after she came forward, he fired her

In a video posted on June 4, 2020, Maria was frank about her encounter with a sexually abusive boss. She claimed that although she had applied for a job to augment the revenue from her reality show, her employer had been a sexual predator.

The boss would set up scenarios so that he and Maria could be alone. At first, Maria waved aside his compliments of her appearance as harmless flattery. But as time went on, they became more explicit, and the boss once recommended to Maria that they have sex.

Maria turned off the approach and confronted her supervisor about his impolite behavior. Maria returned to work while looking for another job, despite her mother’s recommendation to stop working for him. But after a short time, the employer let her go. Maria clarified:

“It’s not working out anymore, he says to me. I disagree that you ought to work. Although it’s not working out, I’ll pay you. Do you understand why it isn’t working? You sexually attacked me, and I called you out on it and told you I was uncomfortable, therefore it’s not working out. Because you are a sexual assault aggressor, it’s not working out. Therefore, you are fortunate that I haven’t mentioned your name if you are watching this.

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