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The Truth About Lyric Chanel Parents And Diagnosis

Lyric Chanel

Lyric Chanel has won the world’s support for her brave but sad battle with brain cancer. Anaplastic Ependymoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer, was discovered in the 11-year-old native of Georgia. Rarely does the entire world unite in favor of a single cause?

Her cancer had advanced to stage 3 by the time she was diagnosed, the most advanced level. Lyric’s prospects appeared grim, yet she persisted with a tenacity uncommon for her young age. Snippets of her story can be seen on her Facebook and Instagram profiles.

Lyric Chanel’s unexpected passing, Beyonce created a video montage in her tribute

Go Gold for Childhood Cancer confirmed Chanel’s passing on Instagram on March 6, 2021. The devastating statement stated, “Lyric got her angel wings this morning at the age of 13.”

Celebrities and the more than 600K Instagram followers who had followed Lyric’s journey expressed their condolences in a torrent. “Tears ain’t stopped falling yet,” rapper Trae Tha Truth, whom Chanel jokingly referred to as uncle, said alongside a video of his time with Chanel. I thought I had lost the ability to cry. You broke my heart, baby girl. I adore you, UNC.

Lyric’s dancing and singing were featured in a video montage that Beyonce posted as a tribute to Chanel. In the background, the singer performed a special mashup of her best hits, starting with Brown Skin Girl and ending with Love on Top. The word “baby” was changed to “lyric” in the chorus of Beyonce’s song “Love on Top”:

Lyric, this is you. You are the one I need and the one I love. The only thing I can see is you. Come on Lyric, you’re the one that gives it everything. I know I can always reach you, Everything stops when I need you, sweetheart, and you prioritize my love.

Two months after doctors removed Lyric Chanel’s cancer during surgery, it returned

Monica Valentine, Lyric’s mother, posted the following on social media on March 4, 2021: “Just got news from Dr. that Lyric is Dying and only have days to live… The most difficult words to hear are these.

Midway through 2020, Chanel appeared to be making a miraculous recovery. She recently underwent surgery to have the majority of her brain cancer removed.

Sadly, two months after the surgery, cancer returned and took up more space in her brain. Chanel and her parents were devastated by the recurrence, and they had to locate another doctor to evaluate Chanel’s condition.

The pediatric neurosurgeon who conducted Lyric’s surgery informed her parents that the greatest treatment they could give their daughter was hospice care. Her parents started a second GoFundMe campaign to fund research into Lyric’s condition. The fund was described as follows:

“Lyric’s health has prevented her parents from working. In addition to caring for their other 2 children, who are equally impacted by this scenario, they also have to provide her with 24-hour care. Lyric is now residing in a hotel with the rest of the family. They will be helped financially by this fundraising to pay for things like food, clothing, transportation, healthcare, life insurance, etc.

Lyric had less than a year to live, according to the doctors, but Chanel and her loved ones responded to the news with the expected resistance. The description went on to say that “She will overcome the odds that the doctors have predicted.”

In a conversation with The Breakfast Club in December 2020, Monica disclosed that she had forbidden Lyric from using the word “death.” Every time Lyric brought up the issue, Monica would respond positively. Valentine said, “She doesn’t say too much that much anymore. She said to me, “Mom, I don’t want to ‘D,'” even though I had warned her not to say ‘death. That’s not going to happen, I responded.

Although Lyric Chanel’s future appeared gloomy

“My baby is at war and cancer is the Opp,” Monica wrote next to a drawing of Lyric with a Raiders’ mask and a determined expression. It doesn’t feel authentic. Currently feeling utterly useless She is still a fighter at heart! She is still flaunting her nails and bopping along to her favorite tunes.

Multiple visits to the ER for headaches and vision loss led to Lyric’s cancer diagnosis.

Lyric Chanel was raised in Georgia with her two siblings by her parents, Monica Valentine and LaMore Jacks. She grew up as a perfectly normal, healthy young girl. Lyric ‘liked school, dancing, making slime, jumping on her trampoline, hoverboarding, bike riding, 6 flags, you name it,’ according to a late February 2021 Instagram post.

After Lyric began to complain of regular headaches, things changed. Monica said to The Breakfast Club that she didn’t think the headaches were a major symptom of anything. However, when Chanel began to lose her vision, she became more worried. Chanel occasionally needs Siri’s assistance to type a text message, according to Monica.

Chanel and Monica visited the emergency room frequently, but the physicians continued denying them care. A later MRI discovered that young Chanel had a brain tumor. Monica claimed that Chanel handled the news pretty nicely. She sobbed a little but held onto the belief that the operation would make her well again. After a biopsy indicated that the growth was malignant, Chanel’s scared. said, Valentine:

“It was like a shock to her when I told her she had cancer. She sobbed. Although she did not sob, you could still see the worry on her face. You know, the tears all week long. She felt anxious. I made an effort to work with her on her fear and help her overcome it. She mentioned that failing to conquer cancer was one thing she was concerned about. She fears that.

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