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The Truth About Jerry Rig Everything And His Wife Cambry

Jerry Rig

Jerry Rig Everything, one of the most popular repairs and DIY channels on YouTube, is the brainchild of Zack Nelson. The 7.2 million subscribers to Nelson’s channel now have been increasing as he diversifies his programming. On other social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Jerry Rig has a sizable fan base.

Regular contributor Cambry Kaylor can be found on Zack Nelson’s channel. Although the vivacious blonde-haired beauty lacks Nelson’s aptitude for construction and maintenance, she offers creative suggestions that advance the channel’s programming.

Is Jerry Rig Married? Relationship

Jerry Rig
Jerry Rig With His Wife    [Source: HollywoodMask]
Cambry says she wouldn’t go back and change the circumstances that caused her disability.

Before her life-altering tragedy in June 2005, Cambry had been an equestrian vaulter for ten years. Her acrobatic dismount was hampered by a breakdown in communication with her equine partner, and she landed in a position that fractured her back and rendered her paralyzed from the waist down. She wanted to think that her surgery was only a bad dream afterward, but she eventually came to terms with her reality.

But she thought that to be happy again, she had to start walking. To The Church of Jesus Christ, Cambry said:

I am unable to even sit up by myself. I, who? Cambry Kaylor is not me. I’m a weakened version of who I once was. Who is going to want to be my friend, I wonder? My mind began to wonder, “Who is going to want to date me now?” Surely no one who knows me as a paraplegic, I reasoned. I yearned to return to my former life. I felt like I had to start walking again to do that.

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After doing some investigation, Cambry located a person who could show her how to use canes and braces to walk. She attempted to learn how to walk for nearly two years before giving up after realizing how useless the therapy was. She understood that walking wasn’t necessary for happiness.

When Kay returned to the barn and began working as a coach, she was able to rediscover pleasure. She eventually managed to mount a horse again, and these days she can do it without assistance. Jerry has also learned to enjoy uncomfortable and challenging circumstances.

She said,

No, I wouldn’t go back and change that day so that I never became disabled. Living with paralysis has taught me how to embrace “what is” and live it joyfully rather than dwelling on “what ifs.”

Zack made his wedding band out of the titanium from Cambry’s first wheelchair.

When Jerry Rig and Cambry first ran into one other in high school, they were strangers. Zack messaged Cambry on a dating app 13 years later. On their first date, the pair discovered they complemented each other quite well. In a recent couple’s Q&A, Zack stated:

We met on a Saturday night at a crepe shop. We began at 9.00 p.m. and didn’t finish until almost 2 am. We simply spoke the entire time. And I believe that was the case for our first few dates. We simply had a lengthy conversation, and the rest is history.

As the months went by, Zack and Cambry’s bond grew stronger, and in April 2019, Zack proposed.

Nelson and Cambry were wed in September 2019. By crafting his wedding band out of the titanium from Cambry’s first wheelchair, Zack gave the nuptials an emotional touch. Cambry added the following commentary to Nelson’s video of the ring-making process:

I adore it. I believe it’s original. And when I initially started dating, I believed that my wheelchair would put off potential partners. I never imagined that anybody would wish to include it in their wedding band.

Before having their son Cyrus Nelson, Zack and Cambry struggled with infertility.

Cambry shared the details of her conception in an emotional post in late December 2021. The couple’s baby, who was born in early October 2021, was ten weeks old at that point.

Kaylor admitted that because of her immobility, she didn’t think she would have children. She phoned a fertility clinic nonetheless because she still wanted to be certain. She was told by medical professionals that her egg-splitting issues precluded her from becoming pregnant naturally.

However, fertility medications might improve the viability of her eggs to enable IVF. Her fertility was improved by the therapy.

The next stage was to get Cambry’s body ready for embryo transplantation. She benefited from her paralysis because she was unable to feel the numerous injections, but the synthetic hormones hurt her mental state. As Cambry put it:

“However, I experienced my strongest emotional state ever. My body’s manufactured hormones caused me to lose ambition, feel sorry for myself, and entertain the notion that I might never become pregnant.

Five days before a planned relocation, the coronavirus pandemic struck, greatly escalating Cambry’s worry. Unfortunately, the embryo did not attach despite extensive preparation and positive test results. Cambry wrote,

“I wasn’t anticipating that. And they weren’t, either.

The miscarriage confirmed her belief that she would never become pregnant. Cambry, who was never one to give up, attempted twice more but failed. Cambry became more and more dejected with each failure.

She worked with a therapist to let go of her anxieties and feelings of inadequacy before attempting again. Then Cambry registered for her final effort. Her heavy sedation was required before the treatment due to an unanticipated problem.

But this time, the embryo became fixed. I didn’t believe the clinic when they informed me,” Cambry wrote. When they told me I was still pregnant a week later, I didn’t trust them. or perhaps six weeks from now. Even though he is now 10 weeks old, I still find it hard to believe he is here.

Cambry shared her experience to uplift those who were experiencing infertility issues and to motivate others to be nice. She declared:

“I also wish we keep in mind to be kind to everyone we come in contact with because we may never know what challenging situations they are facing. Because life can be difficult or unpredictable, a little kindness can go a long way.

How did Jerry Rig Everything start his Professional Career?

Jerry Rig launched his YouTube account so he could create instructional construction and repair videos for folks. Before he started making videos on YouTube, Zack was always a hands-on person.

Most of the projects he works on currently were done in the past, but he didn’t record them or upload them to the internet. Nelson picked up some of his skills from online videos. However, the majority of YouTube videos at the time were too lengthy and intricate for the ordinary viewer to grasp.

When his vehicle broke down, Nelson saw an opportunity to start publishing simple films. He thought that the repair shop’s pricing of $1,000 was excessively exorbitant. Nelson used $80 to fix his jeep thanks to a YouTube tutorial he discovered while looking for repair videos. Zack was impressed and got in touch with the video developer.

I messaged the video’s creator and said,

Thank you so much for helping me out and why do you produce videos,” among other things. In a Q&A video published in August 2016, Zack clarified. “He answered back and stated that he creates videos to improve the world. That, in my opinion, was the coolest thing.

The message served as Zack’s inspiration for creating his YouTube channel, which he named Jerry in honor of his grandfather. Zack produced numerous videos, but his channel didn’t gain the popularity he desired. Nevertheless, he continued working on YouTube on the side, and after being let go from his primary position, he gave it his whole attention. In an interview with East Idaho News, he clarified:

“So I gave YouTube my all, and after four months, when my severance package was up, I concluded (YouTube) was a sustainable business. It might be a legitimate company… The most important factor is consistency. You start to attract viewers once you have 100 or 200 videos. People begin to take an interest in what you are doing at that point. Simply maintain consistency.

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