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The Truth About Ariana Fletcher (therealkylesister)

Ariana Fletcher

Ariana Fletcher, often known online as “therealkylesister,” is a well-known American social media personality and businesswoman who is well-known for hawking cosmetics and sharing amusing stuff.

On Instagram, Fletcher has 3.8 million followers, while on YouTube, she has 289K. Since she posted her most recent video to YouTube in December of last year, Ariana currently appears to have taken a sabbatical from the platform.

Their Instagram profile for Fletcher is crammed with both personal and commercial images. Although Ariana is certain that she doesn’t consider herself a model, she does participate in photo shoots to promote her company and other for-profit products.

Where was Ariana Fletcher born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family

In Chicago, Illinois, on July 12, 1995, Ariana Fletcher was born. After graduating from high school, she began working because she never enjoyed going to school.

When she was 17 years old, Fletcher got a job at the club. After that, she began working in a spa and salon, but she soon left due to problems with the manager. After briefly returning to school, Ariana went on to work as a dental assistant. Fletcher worked at the club and engaged in some fraud to bolster her income. In her first YouTube Q&A, Ariana said that she liked working at the club:

“It was fun working in the club. There is unquestionably cash in the club. Definitely. It was hilarious. Going to work essentially to party and get paid What I did was cool. Oh, yeah.

However, Ariana eventually became weary of reporting to someone. She continued, “I was like, ‘I can’t work for nobody.'” “I need to get out there and start my own business.” To launch KYChe Extensions, an organization that sells hair extensions, Ariana resigned from her job and worked with her cousin.

Is Ariana Fletcher Single? Relationship

Ariana Fletcher
Ariana Fletcher With Her Ex   [Source:]
G Herbo, the father of her kid and Ariana Fletcher’s ex, admitted to violence charges. Following an incident with Ariana, G Herbo, the father of her kid and Ariana’s ex, admitted to violence charges.

Herbo contacted Ariana via Instagram, where they eventually crossed paths. He subsequently began to attend the club where Ariana had previously worked. The two became closer over time, and they eventually began dating. The couple had their son Yosohn Santana in April 2018.

Sadly, the pair parted ways in October 2018. Later, Ariana claimed that Herbo had cheated on her with Taina, the stepdaughter of Fabolous. Herbo and Taina declared their romance on January 1, 2019, in a string of PDA-heavy posts.

Herbo was detained for attacking Ariana Fletcher physically in April 2019

Fletcher described the assault on Instagram.

He forced his way inside my home after I refused to let him in, beat me in front of my son, then took my son outside where he had his pals drive him away. He destroyed my home and shattered everything. My body is scraped up from being dragged outside, and I have a black eye.

Herbo was given a year’s probation as well as 150 hours of community service after entering a guilty plea to the battery charges. Fletcher criticized Taina and Herbo on Instagram in October 2019, rekindling their old fight. Ariana was upset because Herbo let her son hang out with Taina, the post claims.

I begged you to keep my son away from this hoe. I warned you directly not to let him be around this shithead, and you agreed and told me you two aren’t disrespecting me when it comes to my son. Stupid bitch sitting here frowning while you take care of my son.

Then Ariana alleged that Taina had slept with Herbo’s friend Lil Bibby and that Herbo had herpes. Ariana’s scathing tweet received no response from Herbo or Taina, however, Herbo appeared to address their relationship in the song Feelings. The lyrics to the song are as follows.

We ain’t gotta start, how the fuck are we still harboring grudges, I talked to my kid’s mom today, and that was sort of rough. I’m sick of all the drama in my life. You lack compassion.

Yo wishes to maintain the secrecy of his relationship with Ariana

Moneybagg, a former Meg Thee Stallion, Yo wishes to maintain the secrecy of his relationship with Ariana.

In a Hot 97 interview from January 2020, Moneybagg Yo acknowledged his relationship with Ariana. He also reiterated his desire for the couple’s connection to remain personal. The rapper said, “I don’t want to put the media in the scenario. “Hopefully, everything will work itself out.”

Yo’s choice to keep the relationship out of the public eye was supported by TT Torrez, who interviewed Yo. Since there is so little information about their relationship, Yo and Ariana have carried out what Yo said in the interview.

Yo nevertheless said that he doesn’t want to ruin his friendship with Ariana in his Instagram stories. Moneybagg wrote, “Ian never leaving my Bih she a dime.” Why would I swap a dime out for a penny?

Ariana’s birthday present from Moneybagg was a Lamborghini SUV costing more than $200,000.

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