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The Truth About Anna O’Brien (Glitterandlazers)

Anna O’Brien

Anna O’Brien (Glitterandlazers)The extremely well-liked fashion blog Glitter and Lazers was started. O’Brien is a symbol of the plus-size community since she has led initiatives to encourage the group’s inclusion in fields like modeling.

The fashion icon also advertises fashionable yet cozy apparel to the public on social media. This article will examine Anna’s professional life, her struggle with trolls, and her weight loss quest.

How did Anna O’Brien start her Professional Career?

Although Anna is content and successful as a social media influencer, she ultimately wants to be an inventor and business owner. Anna began using social media while employed by a software company.

She liked her profession got along well with her coworkers, and it satisfied her need to travel. Anna initially didn’t think she could devote her entire time to social networking. But as her popularity and influence increased, she became aware that she couldn’t hold down two jobs.

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Her software job’s travel benefits were lost when she switched to social media full-time. The high expense of living in New York, also meant that she had to leave the city and return to Texas. In a video posted on July 18, 2020, she revealed:

“I couldn’t afford New York. I’ll be completely honest about that. I relocated to Austin because it’s a lot less expensive while still having a little bit of the big city culture, excellent food scene, fantastic bars, and good concerts and music… It might not always make sense to me. I might be back in New York again. I miss it.”

Anna acknowledges that she misses her previous position, which she enjoyed and was good at. She enjoys getting up every day to produce stuff for her followers as well.

O’Brien particularly likes using TikTok to produce material since it gives her more creative freedom. TikTok is transformative, according to Anna, who spoke to Interview Magazine. It involves reinventing something that already exists in your distinctive voice.

Anna’s ultimate professional objective, nevertheless, is not in social media. She stated in her video from July 18 that she wants to start her own business and be an inventor. She said,

“I feel like I’m going to have a major idea at some point in the future, and I’m going to be – that’s going to be where I end my journey. “My main purpose in being here is not merely to be an influencer.

Anna originally disregarded her diagnosis of lipedema, but the discomfort in her body motivated her to begin her weight-loss journey.

O’Brien has always been ecstatic about her physique. She has never felt the urge to live up to conventional notions of beauty and the human body. Even when numerous specialists informed her that she had Lipedema, a disorder that causes symmetrical leg expansion owing to fat deposits beneath the skin, her opinion remained unchanged.

She was upset at the diagnosis, so rather than altering her diet and lifestyle to manage the problem, she overindulged. It didn’t impact her body at first, but after some time, Anna’s body began to resist. She began to feel pain in her back and joints, and she detested the appearance of varicose veins.

She decided to try the Keto diet after much research. Sadly, the diet wasn’t right for her physique. In a video posted on July 29, 2020, she claimed,

“The couple of months I did Keto was one of the worst experiences in my life.”

Anna was emotionally affected by the setback because she felt like she had lost control over her body. I simply recall feeling so defeated.

Fortunately, she kept reading up on diets, and one of them worked. She added exercise to the diet, and this time, her body cooperated. At first, Anna weighed herself to monitor her weight loss, but this caused her to lose focus on his goals. She uttered:

“In our culture, it’s quite simple to become fixated on the scale’s reading. On this excursion, I didn’t want to think that way. I only wanted to ask myself, “Are my fitness and health improving? Is my discomfort diminishing? And do I exhibit fewer symptoms than I usually do? I no longer regularly weigh myself as a result.

Anna now enjoys going outside more, feels more energized, and has developed closer relationships with her friends. Except for one occasion when she nearly passed away from dehydration while hiking, everything else has been fantastic. She jokingly stated at the end of her video.

Because I believe that achieving optimum health is an unattainable benchmark we set for ourselves, I want more than anything for you to know that I am happy and healthier and that all I am doing is for myself.

Anna believes that since she is attempting to reduce weight, it has gotten harder for her to deal with abuse.

O’Brien epitomizes a self-assured woman. Throughout her social media career, she has endured constant trolling, but she hasn’t let it bother her. When Anna conducted a bikini shoot in the center of Times Square, her self-assurance and conviction in herself were on full display. On Cosmopolitan, she stated:

“The only plus imagery that the world truly sees is refined and fairly generic; it typically features voluptuous women who are petite and have the ideal proportions. It didn’t require yet another stock image of a one-piece-clad hourglass woman in an obtrusive setting. I wanted to draw attention to myself and make a message that “I am more than just a body, and I deserve respect and basic human decency.”

She had never had an experience like the one she had in New York. Men began to fetishize her physique for the first time, successfully drowning out the few who wanted to troll. She had never before had this reaction from her body, but she detested it all the same.

She began to wonder if the shoot was worthwhile, but as it came to an end, a young girl smiled at her and muttered, “You’re pretty.” She wrote, “I understood at that time, that it had all been worthwhile.” I was observed.

Although Anna has demonstrated that she can withstand criticism, the hostility is now beginning to affect her as she begins her weight loss quest.

In a video posted on August 14, 2020, she outlined:

They don’t affect my sense of self-worth, but they are there, which is funny. When people enter and comment, it is difficult for me to handle since I am thinking so much about food and activity level. It is difficult for me to keep my attention on the task at hand, to persevere, and to resist self-doubt.

She won’t abandon her mission, though, despite what people are saying about her. Anna won’t stop moving forward because of trolling.

She admitted that she utilized eating as a coping mechanism for the aftereffects of her difficult upbringing.

Anna first discussed the trauma she had as a youngster in early January 2022. She claimed that her past experiences pale in comparison to what she went through as a child.

The reappearance of old problems, however, is brought on by specific occurrences. O’Brien admitted to her supporters that she was raised in a violent household and occasionally held herself responsible for the pain she went through.

“I have held on to that guilt for my entire life, and it has shaded every decision I have ever made in my life,” she said.

Anna convinced herself that she wasn’t worthy of love. Consequently, she accepted disrespect from friends because she felt like she deserved it.

The feelings of inadequacy returned during the Austin storms of 2021.

“[I felt] like I had no one in Austin that cared about me enough to make sure I was safe and come to find out,” she said. It made her realize that she’d never really gotten over childhood trauma.

She continued:

“I love my life and I’ve always loved my life but I love it in a way that I didn’t even know I could. I find myself realizing that more things in my life need to change; that there are still pieces of my heart that are broken and that the only way I’m going to fix them is to make some changes in my life.”

Anna stated that declaring her intentions on camera added a layer of accountability she couldn’t find anywhere else. O’Brien noted that she kept quiet about her past because she feared being misunderstood.

Previously, O’Brien dealt with the recurrence of her childhood pain using food.

She explained:

“I made bad choices. Not that eating is a bad choice but I made choices that took away my joy and I think that when I say bad choice. That’s what I mean: I made choices that took away my joy. I put food over things that made me feel good because food protected me.”

Anna declared her intention to post her progress online, whether negative or positive:

“I’m going to have to fight for this and it is going to suck and I’m going to screw up and that is exactly why people need to see it.”

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