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The Reputation Of “Wednesday” Is Tarnished By Tim Burton’s Racist Past

Tim Burton

Tim Burton, the show’s director, is the only thing that has been detracting from it. The Netflix original series Wednesday is now trending quite a bit on social media. The show, which will premiere in the fourth quarter of 2022, has received largely positive reviews from both audiences and critics.

Due to his prior divisive remarks, Burton’s association with the production has generated a storm on the internet. Even the casting, which has received plaudits, is currently being examined.

Tim Burton: Is He Racist?

This article will examine some of his prior actions and remarks that have been extensively criticized for being racist. That question contains a lot of baggage, judgment, and disagreements.

Many believe that Burton has consistently chosen to cast white individuals in his films, even in parts that may have otherwise been filled by someone of color.

A black actor is hardly ever cast in a leading part by a director, who has over 40 directorial credits. There are just two exceptions: Ken Page’s voice in A Nightmare Before Christmas and Samuel L. Jackson’s in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (2016). (1993). Jackson himself even played a villain.

Tim Burton has come under fire for his contentious remarks regarding the representation of people of color in his films.

Burton’s explanations for why he does that haven’t exactly been compelling. The most well-known of these excuses have been that persons of color, particularly those who are black or brown, do not match the style of his works, which are typically centered on gothic themes.

And in 2016, he continued to be direct. He said that the cries for diversity were a new issue in an interview with Bustle.

When asked about the diverse cast of his film at the time, Miss Peregrine, he responded, “Nowadays, people are talking about it more. Things are either required by things or they are not.

He also cited instances of blaxploitation films from the 1970s and expressed his opinion that they should not have featured more white performers. The fact that blaxploitation movies were created to parody racism and Hollywood’s use of selective casting made this comment all the more offensive.

He has occasionally overlooked Jewish cultural themes in his works.

Wednesday by Tim Burton and Improving His “Aesthetic”

The Addams Family member Wednesday Addams is the subject of the comedy-horror film Wednesday. The remaining six episodes will have different directors; Burton is in charge of the first two.

The casting of the show created a lot of hype since when it was revealed that Burton would be directing the program, people were curious about the direction Burton would go with his casting.

Everyone was curious as to whether the filmmaker would adhere to his “aesthetic” defense or if he would respect the original material and hire actors of the appropriate ethnicity. And the casting has generally not let down.

Wednesday is portrayed by Jenna Ortega, and her father is portrayed by Luis Guzman. These and other decisions demonstrate that diversity is taken into account.

However, this is also perceived as a ruse on Burton’s part

People appear to believe they understand where Burton stands on diversity casting based on his prior remarks. So many people are thinking that the filmmaker is using Wednesday’s cast as a defense against accusations of racism.

Twitter appears to be taking notice of—or at least making fun of—the possibility that Burton has finally given up on his “aesthetic” defense. Users there appear to be pleased with the casting as well.

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