The Devil’s Hour

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“The Devil’s Hour” Is Set To Be Released On Prime Video Soon

The Devil’s Hour

On Friday, October 28, 2022, at midnight GMT, the newest thriller series from Amazon Prime Video, The Devil’s Hour, will have its online streaming debut.

The horrific story of a woman who awakens at 3.33 a.m. every day is told in the show. Among others, Jessica Raine and Peter Capaldi play crucial roles in the show. Tom Moran, a well-known screenwriter, is the film’s director.

The tone of Amazon Prime Video’s The Devil’s Hour is ominous

On September 22, 2022, Amazon Prime Video released the show’s official teaser, giving viewers a glimpse into the nightmarish world of the protagonist Lucy. In the first scene, Lucy comes upon a prisoner who seems threatening and dangerous.

The teaser also depicts a murder case in which the police are eager to catch a serial killer. The plot’s central tenet is established in the trailer, despite the lack of many essential details being shown. It has a scary tone overall that fans of psychological thrillers will undoubtedly enjoy. An overview of the program is provided below, courtesy of Amazon Studios’ Press:

“The show centers on Lucy, played by Jessica Raine, who experiences terrifying visions at 3.33 a.m., the devil’s hour, every night. Her eight-year-old child is emotionless and quiet. Her mother speaks to the vacant chairs. The echoes of a life she didn’t live are there in her home.

The description goes on to say:

The answers Lucy has been looking for for years will finally be revealed when her identity is unexpectedly connected to a string of horrific fatalities in the area.

Peter Capaldi plays a reclusive traveler who is murderously preoccupied. He becomes the main target of a police investigation led by compassionate investigator Ravi Dhillon played by Nikesh Patel.

Viewers may anticipate an atmospheric, character-driven thriller drama that explores some of the most frightful facets of the human psyche based on the teaser and synopsis.

Check out this movie if you’re a fan of television shows like True Detective and Manhunter, as well as movies like Goodnight Mommy and Vivarium. Six episodes of The Devil’s Hour will be released on Prime Video on October 28, 2022.

A brief look at The Devil’s Hour’s cast

In The Devil’s Hour, Lucy Chambers is portrayed by Jessica Raine. In the clip, Raine excels at capturing the fear, worry, tension, and paranoia that rule her existence.

Viewers may expect her to give a scary performance on the program. In addition to The Devil’s Hour, Raine is most known for her work in Call the Midwife and Becoming Elizabeth. Carmilla, Benjamin, and The Woman in Black are just a handful of the movies she has worked on.

Gideon’s actor, Peter Capaldi, co-stars alongside Jessica Raine in another significant role. The antagonist appears to be Gideon, who Capaldi portrays scarily.

For his roles in Doctor Who, The Thick of It, and In the Loop, among many others, Capaldi is well-known. Among the supporting cast members are Nikesh Patel, Meera Syal, Phil Dunster, Alex Ferns, and numerous others. On Friday, October 28, 2022, The Devil’s Hour will be accessible on Amazon Prime Video.

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