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The Daughter of Brian Mcknight Mentions the Conflict With Her Father

Brian Mcknight

Bri McKnight, the daughter of Brian McKnight, posted photos of herself and her father on Instagram on August 16, 2019, as well as painful facts of growing up without a father figure.

Bri McKnight stated in an essay about her troubled relationship with her father, “I grew up thinking that he doesn’t want to come to visit me because he doesn’t love me,” adding that no one should feel alone in going through the same things she has.

Was Bri’s father Brian a bad father?

“Daddy’s little girl” was never really a thing for me,” said Brian’s daughter, adding that she often has to fight demons like everyone else and is not always joyful.

She revealed how she believed she was the cause of the breach in her and her father’s relationship to bring attention to the problems that everyone encounters in life.

She had the impression as a child that her father “didn’t want to” come to see her because he didn’t “love her.” She added more details on Brian’s carelessness and stated,

“Knowing that it’s so difficult for my siblings and I to get a word in hurts me.
Nothing at all.
I was never first in my father’s heart when I was very little.”

Bri laments that her father hasn’t called to wish her a happy birthday, but she also admits that she waits in vain for Brian Mcknight to send her a birthday greeting each year. She expresses how her brothers have been a father figure to her and that she is “lucky” to have them in her life in between all of the heartbreaking statements.

Bri expresses her outrage and anguish that her tiny sister is now forced to go through what her brothers did when they were her age. In response to his daughter’s comments, the American singer-songwriter denied the accusations and stated,

“I suppose this is related to a post I made recently about my son Jack, of whom I am really proud, though I have also been proud of my other children.
Because of what he accomplished that day, I’m proud of this person.”

To clear up any misunderstandings, Bri is the child of McKnight’s first marriage, and Jack is the son of McKnight’s second wife, Leilani McKnight, whom he married in 2017.

Divide Between the Past and the Present

Brian Mcknight wed Julie as his first wife in 1990; the couple divorced in 2003 after more than ten years of marriage. Together, the couple has four kids: Clyde, Nika, Brian Jr., and Briana or Bri.

Not only did Briana tell her story, but Brian Jr. also offered some commentary on his father’s abandonment. Brian Mcknight said, addressing his father directly,

“Man, I can’t image leaving my kids behind.
It’s difficult to imagine the mentality of a father who can honestly just ignore his real sons, his real blood, and his creations.”

After both of his kids made statements that sparked a media frenzy, Brian felt compelled to intervene and put an end to the rumors. According to The Jasmine Brand, Brian also believed that his post with Jack, his other son, who is the child of his ex-wife Leilani, would have disturbed his kids.

Jack’s new automobile was featured in a photo Brian posted, and he thinks that’s what set the whole thing off. He describes how Leilani provided his two oldest children jobs at the children’s hospital where she worked and how he assisted his two elder sons Niko and Brian Jr. living in an apartment for two years.

A pediatric neurophysiologist is his future wife. Brian continued by explaining how his son Brian Jr. had broken into his home and altered Leilani’s appearance in their wedding photo.

“Respect is at stake here, not money. Respect is reciprocal. There is a line that should never be crossed, even with family.  I find it absurd that people will accept anything as true.

In response to the possibility that his post on Jack’s new car may have prompted Brian Jr. to make these assertions, Brian said. He went on to say,

“Grown men should act like grown men now.
I’m sorry that this is the only option for tough love.
I hope the best for them.
I want people to realize their potential and fulfill their aspirations, but like any other man in the world, you have to go out and seize the opportunity.”

Given that the media frenzy occurred two years ago and neither of them made any additional statements regarding the situation, it appears that everyone has moved on to live their own lives.


  • Leilani and Brian wed in December of 2017. He is the biological father of four children and stepfather to Jack McPhee and Julia McPhee, two more children from Leilani.
  • Julia, Brian’s ex-wife, is a musician who has published several songs.
  • Brian enjoys a secure and fruitful musical career after leaving his marriage.
    According to Celebrity Net Worth, he presently has a $10 million net worth.
  • He was born on June 5th, 1969, making his current age as of 2022is 52.

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