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Tayler Holder And Bryce Hall Will Square Off In A Boxing Match

Bryce Hall

When it comes to boxing Tayler Holder, Bryce Hall has altered his mind. Hall was leaving a gym in Woodland Hills on May 29, 2022, when TMZ stopped him and inquired about his dispute with Holder.

The TikToker claimed that due to the claims of sexual assault against Holder, he was never friends with Holder and would never be. Additionally, he urged Holder to concentrate on his legal actions rather than continue to release his “auto-tuned music.”

He firmly rejected the question of whether he would ever think about facing Holder in a boxing battle.

The TikToker claimed that he would prefer to fight his former friend in the street for free rather than let him make money.

He stated that the battle was unlikely to take place because Holder wasn’t a fighter. However, it appears from Hall’s most recent tweet that he is prepared to face Holder in the ring.

Tayler Holder and Bryce Hall want to square off in a boxing match

Hall tweeted on July 14, 2022, that he was willing to compete against Holder if certain of his requirements were met. The first requirement was that the fighter who sold the most tickets would receive the entirety of the prize money.
Hall also demanded that Holder react to the claims of sexual assault and explain in public why he sent cease and desist letters to all of his pals.

The TikToker made fun of Holder in a subsequent tweet by claiming that, like Jordan Haworth Peele in the meme he shared, Holder was probably perspiring heavily after seeing his offer.

While some spectators were thrilled about the possibility of a confrontation between the two, many advised Hall to drop the whole affair and stop wasting his time.

I adore you, Bryce, but this is a waste of time. You’ll pretend it’s for the media if he agrees! You’ll make fun of him if he claims otherwise! So, would you kindly stop?” a user said.

“Bryce, what you’ve been doing with Tayler is completely unnecessary in my opinion. Ironically, you stopped talking to him, but you still remember him. Another user yelled, “Leave him alone.”

Tayler Holder’s alleged sexual misconduct

Here is a summary of the sexual claims Hall brought up for those who are not familiar.

Many of Holder’s acquaintances started unfollowing him on social media in February 2022, which led internet users to believe he had been accused of sexual assault.

Holder sent cease and desist letters to each of his former acquaintances, so they were unable to come out and share their experiences.

Hall and Keemstar, however, asserted that the accusations were true and that one victim was a kid. Until April 2022, Holder did not respond to any of these allegations or rumors.

Declaring his innocence and claiming to be a victim of cyberbullying, he sent a letter to E! Online. His cancellation was the result of “a series of manufactured rumors, which can only be classified as cyberbullying,” he claimed.

And as a result of all that was going on, he was struggling both professionally and mentally.

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