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Tanya Hyjazi

The romantic relationship that Tanya Hyjazi has with one of the most prominent reality personalities is more widely recognized than her culinary prowess. A fleeting appearance on the program was prompted by her friendship with Austin Lee Russell, better known as Chumlee, a member of the Pawn Stars cast.

Her appearance on the program generated considerable media attention. Nevertheless, numerous aspects of Tanya Hyazi’s existence continue to elude her admirers.

What is the Net Worth of Tanya Hyjazi? Salary, Earnings

Despite courting a television personality, Tanya Hyjazi is a prosperous woman who earns a respectable livelihood. Without a doubt, she excels in her position as a chef at a casino. Notwithstanding the average annual salary of $75,000 for a chef in the United States, she is anticipated to earn a higher sum.

Having reached the pinnacle of her profession, she has undoubtedly garnered a substantial fortune for herself, despite the fact that they once shared $5 million in net worth.

Where was Tanya Hyjazi born? Ethinicity, Nationality , Family, Education

Her romantic involvement with a television personality garnered considerable attention on Tanya Hyjazi, but she maintained the majority of her personal life private. The details regarding her birthday or age have not been disclosed.

She is equally proud of her American citizenship and Lebanese ancestry. Although little is known about Tanya, she has a weakness for pastries and is a gourmand at heart.

This stunning Lebanese woman delights in both preparing and consuming delectable dishes. She is a renowned caterer at a Lebanese restaurant in Las Vegas.

Apart from cookery, fashion and tattoos are also interests of Tanya. Her primary objective is to exhibit herself in the most favorable manner feasible.

Quick Facts

Date of BirthN/A
Boyfriend/DatingAustin Lee Russell (ex-boyfriend)
Net WorthN/A
Marital StatusSingle

Is Tanya Hyjazi Single? Relationship

A number of hearts might have been shattered prior to Tanya Hyjazi’s rise to prominence, judging by her alluring appearance and dazzling physique. Following her relationship with reality TV star Chumlee, who appears on the program Pawn Stars, she ascended to prominence.

Chumlee, who is currently 36 years old, has gained significant recognition for his comedic sensibilities on the program. It was disclosed that Chumlee and Tanya were extremely close and that Tanya helped Chumlee lose 75 pounds in just one year. The girl possesses formidable strength.

While the majority of Pawn Stars enthusiasts are cognizant of the fact that Tanya Hyjazi underwent breast augmentation in 2013, a considerable number remain inquisitive regarding the financial sponsorship from Chumlee. Chumlee disclosed in an interview that Tanya was ecstatic about the breast augmentation and that she did not request payment from him.

Additionally, he mentioned that Tanya was a diligent chef, and since he was able to accumulate the required funds within hours, he resolved to purchase the operation as a birthday present.

Although the couple maintained their relationship despite undergoing a breast augmentation and weight loss, their romantic journey came to an end in 2016.

Everyone was stunned when Chumlee, who had worked for Pawn Stars for more than a decade, was detained. Surprisingly, the remaining members of Tanya and Chumlee’s family refrained from commenting on the allegations, leaving admirers to conjecture regarding Chumlee’s hidden agenda.

Chumlee was released from prison following three years of probation and counseling subsequent to his admission of guilt. The accusations and arrests caused the couples so much difficulty that they ultimately decided to end their relationship.

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