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Tamer Hassan | Family Missing In Turkey Earthquake

Tamer Hassan

The family of British actor Tamer Hassan is missing after the earthquake in Turkey. For his wife Karen, children Bele and taste Hassan, the actor is devastated and has lost all hope.

A well-known British actor is Tamer Hassan. Tamer is best recognized for his role as the Millwall firm’s leader in The Football Factory, next to Danny Dyer.

Along with these films, Hassan also starred alongside Topher Grace in 2011’s The Double and Declan O’Brien’s Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead.

Tamer’s first acting gig was as The Calcium Kid on television. In 1987, Tamer formally started his career in the entertainment sector.

He was last seen by fans in 2019 when he portrayed Harris in the short film Queen of Diamonds. Hassan is rumored to have a talent for acting, and his striking appearance is another factor in the size of his fan base.

Family of Tamer Hassan Missing Following Turkey Earthquake

Thousands of people were killed by a large earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria. In Turkey and Syria, a strong magnitude 7.8 earthquake caused more than 6,600 houses to collapse.

Tamer Hassan is devastated to inform us that his family was also lost in the Turkey earthquake. Given that his family is still gone, Tamer loses hope of ever seeing them. No new information has been provided.

Following the prior catastrophe, the British mobster disclosed that his family and relatives were still “lost.” We have family missing,” Tammer tearfully told Sky News.

Hassan added, “Due to the cold weather, we’re not hopeful…,” to this. We are very concerned. I am speechless. All of us are devastated. Families have been separated from us. We’re attempting to locate a route into the worst-affected areas, therefore I’ll be going to Turkey.

The widespread catastrophe leaves many families, including Tamer’s, without hope. We can sense the suffering and anguish he is through as he searches for his family.

Tamer asked the Turkish police to assist even further and sent police and military units to the affected districts.

Meet Belle and Taser Hassan, together with Tamer Hassan’s wife, Karen.

His wife, Karen Hassan, is a member of the core cast of Snatch. Taser Hassan, a son, and Belle Hassan, a girl, are the couple’s kids.

According to the sources, his daughter is a television celebrity and his son plays football. After participating in the fifth season of Love Island in 2019, Belle rose to fame.

Despite his fame, Tamer’s family has avoided the media, and there aren’t many details available about them.

Tamer Hassan’s Personal Life And Age

Tamer Hassan, an actor, was born on March 18, 1968, and is now 55 years old.

England’s New Cross is where he was born. Even though he was born in England, Hassan considered Turkey to be his “mother country.”

He had been a boxer before to beginning his acting career. He got into boxing when he was young. Tamer began his amateur boxing career at age 17, just like he had.

The British actor also won two British titles after dedicating himself to boxing. Later, he also managed restaurants and nightclubs.

Tamer is 6 feet 2 inches tall, or 1.88 meters, when it comes to height. Tamer is also active on many social media platforms, such as Instagram, where he goes by the handle @realtamerhassan.

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