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Suni Lee Health Update | What Happened To Her | Illness & Kidney Disease

Suni Lee

View the most up-to-date information about Olympic gymnast Suni Lee’s health. Learn about her hardships, diagnoses, and will to thrive despite adversity.

Sunisa “Suni” Lee, a gifted gymnast, is well-known for her excellent achievements. At the 2020 Olympics, she took bronze in the uneven bars and all-around categories.

Lee will go down in gymnastics history as the first Hmong-American Olympian and the first woman of Asian descent to win the Olympic all-around title. In addition to her athletic achievements, she has received major accolades such as Female Athlete of the Year and Time 100 recognition.

Suni Lee Illness: What Happened To Her?

As of 2023, Suni Lee, a promising American gymnast, has been battling with health concerns. Lee talked publicly about her struggles and the effects of her disease in an interview with Self magazine earlier this year. The gymnast revealed how the symptoms began in February and how she initially dismissed swelling ankles as the result of intensive training.

Suni Lee triumphantly returned to gymnastics at the US Gymnastics Championships, taking home a bronze medal on the balance beam despite psychological harm and physical worries. She has adjusted her training and lifestyle to account for the irregular swelling and prescription side effects.

Lee’s determination to compete demonstrates her perseverance and dedication to her sporting ambitions while managing the challenges in her health route. Her experience reveals the physical toll that chronic sickness may take, but it also demonstrates her perseverance in overcoming setbacks and pursuing her ambitions in the face of uncertainty.

Suni Lee Health Update

Suni, a gifted American gymnast, has bravely spoken up about her ongoing battle with an incurable renal ailment. Lee initially attributed her swollen ankles in February to the strain of her intensive gymnastics training. As a result of the edema that swiftly spread throughout her entire body, she gained 40 pounds.

Lee visited the doctor because she was concerned about her ability to train. The gymnast revealed how her swollen fingers made it difficult for her to grasp equipment during training sessions. Though initially assumed to be an allergic reaction, the persistent and widespread swelling prompted a more complete investigation of her health.

Dr. Marcia Faustin, the physician for the USA Gymnastics Women’s National Team, offered a crucial question that helped identify the diagnosis after weeks of testing and consultations. Dr. Faustin was curious about a routine urine test that had not yet been performed. When Lee mentioned that she had been experiencing difficulty peeing for the past two weeks, it became evident that her symptoms could indicate a kidney condition.

Auburn University’s Suni Lee announced on April 3 that her NCAA gymnastics season will be cut short due to a “non-gymnastics health-related issue involving my kidneys.” The gymnast has elected to keep the precise diagnosis from others since additional testing may modify our current understanding of her ailment.

Suni’s candor about her health challenges is an inspiration, drawing attention to the difficulties that athletes may face off the field, even as she faces the uncertainty that comes with an incurable kidney disease. Her narrative displays not just her athletic skill, but also her tenacity in confronting and overcoming health-related challenges. Supporters applaud Lee’s tenacity in pursuing her goals despite hurdles, and they eagerly anticipate more information on her health.

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