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Stephen Curry: From Underdog To Champion, Warriors Secure 8th Seed

Stephen Curry

STEPHEN CURRY JUST WON THE SCORING TITLE FOR THE 2020-21 NBA SEASON, SCORING 46 POINTS IN THE FINAL GAME. The final match pitted the Golden State Warriors against the Memphis Grizzlies for the 8th seed.GSW defeated Memphis 113-101 thanks to brilliant scoring from former two-time MVP Stephen Curry.

The victory secured the Warriors the eighth seed, and they will now face the seventh seed, which has yet to be determined. To get to where Steph Curry and the Warriors are right now. It was a difficult task given the number of new young players, injuries, and different rotations and lineups.

The Warriors’ last five years have been a rollercoaster ride, as they went from being one of the best teams to one of the worst in a short period.

They were in the 2018-19 season’s finals when Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson were injured. And Durant signed with the Brooklyn Nets, with Klay missing two years for rehabilitation. The Warriors struggled throughout the 2019-20 season due to young new players, Steph’s recurring injuries, and Draymond’s inability to carry the team on his own, and the Warriors finished the season with a league-worst record of 15-50.

The 2020-21 Season was no Exception

Two straight losses to begin the season. In most seasons, no more than two straight victories. But four straight defeats are not uncommon. This has led many to question whether the Golden State Warriors can even secure a play-in spot, let alone a playoff spot. They even lost with a 40-point deficit, the worst in franchise history, despite receiving many benefits of the doubt.

Furthermore, many questioned Stephen Curry’s ability to lead the Golden State Warriors despite a new roster and constant changes. Stephen Curry had doubts from the beginning of his basketball career, whether in high school or in the NBA. But he proved everyone wrong with his incredible shooting abilities, which have now changed the game.

The man who set and broke many records won the NBA championship three times and was named MVP twice in a row, once unanimously. He questioned himself once more.

Many people believed that Stephen Curry would be exposed this year. Steph, on the other hand, proved all his doubters wrong once more with his insane shooting abilities.

Along the way, he broke records, set some, and eventually won the scoring title this season, defeating Bradley Beal of the Washington Wizards. He won the scoring title in the first quarter of today’s game against the Memphis Grizzlies, and he also assisted the Warriors in clinching the eighth seed in the Western Conference.

Memphis got off to a Fast start in the First Quarter

Dillon Brooks drives past Andrew Wiggins for a layup to begin the first quarter. The Warriors’ first basket comes from Draymond Green’s lob to Wiggins. With about 10 minutes remaining, Kevon Looney’s dunk makes the score 5-2. With 8:34 remaining, Memphis leads the Warriors by six points.

Then Ja Morant responded after Green’s bucket. The Grizzlies took a 9-point lead thanks to Jaren Jackson Jr.’s three-pointer. The Warriors were struggling in the first quarter, as the Grizzlies answered every Warriors basket. With Green’s bucket and Juan Toscano-three-pointer Anderson’s shortly after, the Warriors appeared to have found their rhythm halfway through the first quarter.

The Grizzlies, however, found their way back to the buckets. The game was 21-15 with 4:19 left in the quarter when Green dunked for the Warriors. Jonas Valanciunas’ reversed jumper returned the ball to the Grizzlies. On the other end, Stephen Curry drove straight to the rim and finished for the Warriors.

He hit another jumper on the next possession, cutting the game to two points with three and a half minutes remaining in the quarter. Morant responded immediately, to which Curry responded with a step-back three-pointer, bringing the game to 25-24.

Stephen Curry and the Warriors won the 2020-21 NBA scoring title with the shot. Steph then stopped Valanciunas, allowing the Warriors to stay within one point. With less than a minute remaining, Jordan Poole hit a jumper off a pass from Looney. And Steph scored a layup to give the Warriors their first lead of the game, and the quarter ended with a point lead.

In the Second Quarter, the Warriors take the Lead

They entered the quarter with a 30-29 lead. Memphis’ De’ Anthony Melton scored the first basket of the second quarter. With eight and a half minutes remaining, they trailed the Warriors by four points. The dunk by Jordan Poole to Kevon Looney increased the Warriors’ lead to six points.

The Warriors took a nine-point lead for the first time in the game after Poole hit a step-back three-pointer. This shot energized the Warriors, including Stephen Curry.

Memphis’ Kyle Anderson scored a jumper, and Poole responded with a jumper of his own. However, the Grizzlies quickly closed the gap to three points with about five minutes remaining in the quarter.

They immediately reduced the lead to one point. Steph then made two consecutive layups. Andrew Wiggins followed with a three-pointer. They traded buckets, with the Warriors leading by five points with about two minutes left in the quarter.

With 1:13 remaining in the quarter, the Warriors extended their lead to 9 points. The second quarter ended 49-55, with the Warriors leading by 6 points.

The Warriors completely dominate the Third

Andrew Wiggins hit a three-pointer to start the quarter. Steph then grabbed a rebound off a missed layup and hit a three-pointer on the other end. The Warriors now lead by 11 points. Memphis went on a 7-0 run after hitting back-to-back shots before Andrew hit a three-pointer on Looney’s pass.

Curry then hit a side-step three to make the score 58-63 with 7:39 remaining in the quarter. He followed that with another three-pointer off Green’s pass. Morant then went down, and Steph immediately responded with a floater. With 4:44 left in the quarter, Curry drew a foul and converted a layup to give the Warriors a 16-point lead.

Memphis cut the Warriors’ lead to 13 points, but Curry quickly answered with a three-pointer from behind the arc, giving the Warriors a 15-point lead. Poole hit a three-pointer from the corner to end the quarter 69-86.

Memphis comes close to making a Comeback

Memphis opened the fourth quarter with a jumper and layup from Brooks. Steph then hits a three-pointer, but Brooks draws a foul and converts a layup to tie the game at 91-91 with 6:32 left in the quarter. Brooks then fouled Green, giving the Warriors a two-point lead. Following that, Valanciunas’ bucket tied the game once more.

With 4:31 remaining in the first half, Memphis took the lead for the first time. But Poole responds with a three-pointer off Steph’s pass, restoring the Warriors’ lead. With 3:20 remaining, Wiggins dunks Steph’s three-point miss, bringing the score to 97-100. Steph hits another three-pointer, extending the lead to six points.

He then follows that with another three-pointer, giving the Warriors a 12-point lead with only a minute and a half remaining. With 9.7 seconds remaining, Morant hits a three-pointer as a consolation. The Warriors won the game 113-101 over the Grizzlies, clinching the eighth spot.

Stephen went from being doubted to becoming the Scoring Champion

Many people predicted that the Warriors would not make it to the play-ins at the start of the season. They even questioned Steph’s legacy, but the Warriors and Steph have done an incredible job in the last month that no one could have predicted. They beat top-seeded teams from both conferences, earned a play-in spot, broke records, and set new ones.

All because of one player who many questioned, Stephen Curry.

He is Invincible

This season, he is on fire and performing better than ever before. Finally, he not only defeated Memphis tonight, but he also won the season-scoring title in the first quarter. Curry becomes the 19th NBA player to win multiple scoring titles. Steph became the second player after Michael B. Jordan in 1998 to win the scoring title at the age of 33.

He also had an outstanding performance in the season’s final game. Steph finished the night with 46 points, 7 rebounds, 9 assists, and 9 three-pointers. The Warriors won with four three-pointers in the third quarter and three consecutive three-pointers in the final few minutes of the fourth.

After hitting three consecutive three-pointers, he yelled to the Chase Center crowd and lifted his shirt, performing the Baron Davis celebration. For Steph’s final free throws, Warriors fans even chanted “MVP!” at the Chase Center. Even though he still has a long way to go this season, he deserved every bit of the celebration and praise for all of his hard work.

The main starters did an excellent Job

Aside from Stephen, every other Warrior tonight deserved to be recognized for their contributions to the victory. This game featured only eight of the best Warriors players from the team that had the longest winning streak of the season. Starters also did an excellent job of assisting Stephen.

Among them was Andrew Wiggins, who had a double-double of 21 points and 10 rebounds. Draymond Green, the Warriors’ star defender, finished with 14 points, 9 rebounds, and 9 assists. His cunning play enticed Brooks to commit the sixth foul, resulting in his ejection, giving Curry back-to-back 3s.

“Draymond used his IQ to turn off that water,” Juan Toscano-Anderson explained. “Drawing a foul is a wise move.”Aside from that brilliant play, Draymond and Steph’s combination was too much for the Grizzlies to handle. All of this stems from their long history together.

“Draymond and I have been around for a while and have seen a little bit of everything,” Curry said. “The patience and perseverance throughout the season with so many new faces, so many young guys, so many injuries, so many different rotations, so many different lineups.” I’m proud of how we’ve led this charge and established a winning basketball standard.”

The Warriors are getting better all the time.

Jordan Poole, on the other hand, led the Warriors bench with 15 points, 3 rebounds, and an assist. Aside from them, other Warriors performed admirably and have improved even more in recent games.

“A couple of months ago, we could feel our team improving and coming together,” Kerr said. “We noticed that the schedule was shifting in our favor.”

“We had some really difficult stretches, as everyone does every year,” Kerr continued, “but we just felt like if we could hang in there, these last 20 games would be a chance for us to make a real push.”

The Warriors finished the regular season with a 39-33 record and earned the eighth spot in the play-in tournament. They will face the 7-seed Los Angeles Lakers, who defeated the New Orleans Pelicans today, as they begin their journey in the NBA’s first-ever play-in tournament.

Memphis has scored today

Memphis, on the other hand, learned the hard way in today’s game after facing Stephen for the first time in the last two years. Despite the loss, the Grizzlies are the No. 9 seed in the play-in tournament and will host the 10th-seeded San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday at FedExForum.

However, to make the playoffs, Memphis must win back-to-back elimination games. If they defeat the Spurs, they will face either the Warriors or the No. 7 seeded Lakers in the second round. With the help of brilliant shooting from and Jonas Valanciunas Dillon Brooks, the Grizzlies did everything in their power to defeat the Warriors.

Brooks almost single-handedly rallied the Grizzlies from a 17-point third-quarter deficit. With a driving layup and free throw, he tied the game at 91. But, after picking up his sixth foul 20 seconds later, he walked to the bench. As a result, he finished the game with 18 points, 2 rebounds, and 6 assists.

Memphis was led by Jonas Valanciunas, who had a double-double of 29 points and 16 rebounds. Ja Morant had 16 points, nine assists, and three rebounds.

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